Wednesday, February 15, 2017

You Can Teach an Old Bitch New Tricks

Hey folks, I am living proof that you actually CAN teach an old bitch new tricks. Look, even my dog is trying to get in on the action. So, this new game my 16 year old is trying to teach me is called spikeball. Check out my amazing concentration and phenomenal hand eye coordination. Uh yea, not so much. I lasted about 5 minutes and the only thing that spiked was my blood pressure. The object is to try to keep the ball on the trampoline. Let's just say anything involving me and a trampoline usually does not end well, because what goes up always comes back down.  But, the important message is that I tried and realized that I'm much better suited for spiking the punch!
Even though that first attempt at learning something new pickled me off, I tried again with my friend Lisa and we ventured out into the world of  Pickleball. Now I'm trying to be Kosher about it, but I feel confident we are gonna dominate this sport. It's not too sour and it's not too sweet, which is just right. If you relish the idea of a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping pong, then pickleball is the sport for you. Plus, for anyone who is middle aged, you will be the youngest person on the court by about 20 years so you really feel like a big dill. I mean why pickle on someone your own age when you can crush the competition. How's that for some spear-it? With a few more lessons I envision us blasting the Vlasic rock and getting into a few pickles just for fun.
So there ya have it folks. It may take more than one try to teach an old bitch new tricks, but you're just gonna have to dill with it.


  1. So many bad puns in one spot - well done!
    I'm not bouncing on an trampoline now. I'd definitely fall off.
    Good to hear from you, Deb!

  2. It's all fun and games until a trampoline is involved.

  3. So the trampoline game is pretty much some version of keep the ball in the air? Sounds like too much of a pain setting up the trampoline and doing it. Maybe I'm over thinking it.

    So you are now a hard working pickler? That's very Dill-igent of you. Just don't go pickling any dill doughs, they may pop out the viagra then.

    1. HAH I'm so glad someone used the dill-dough pun. You get a 10 today for all of your jokes. See, I am reading your blog I just can't comment on it :(

  4. I played a lot of pickleball during winter when I lived in Michigan, but since moving down south have only played a few games (and one tournament for some fundraiser). It's a great game.

  5. Replies
    1. You are too young for Pickleball, but you would kick some butt at Spikeball.

  6. Can't... take... any... more... puns.

    (Nah, I'm kidding, I gobble them up like pickles and spiked punch)

    I haven't heard of either of these. Please tell me full contact is allowed?

    1. You should see these teenagers playing spikeball. It is full contact for sure. Believe me, you don't want to see the AARP crowd in full contact pickleball.

  7. Olympics here we come... wait, they don't have spikeball there... probably for the best :PPPP

  8. Good for you to try new things. I wouldn't last 5 minutes on any game that requires coordination. I accept that my future won't contain the words "Cheryl was an excellent Pickleball player." I can live with that.

  9. Pickle ball has gotten really popular around here. It must be fun, but some of us still need to make a living.

  10. Never heard of either of those games. The pickle ball sounds interesting though

  11. Seems Pickleball is getting popular day by day. It's really good news for pickleball player. You know, I'm also welling to play pickleball with my friends, especially with my grandfather. He is now 71 but play more better than me. pickleball strategy


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