Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Taco Tuesday Theory

It's Tuesday, and it's dinner time, and that means Taco Tuesday right? Very true, but it's also time to test out a little theory that's been eatin' at me for quite awhile. Do tacos have a direct correlation to sex? Maybe y'all can put on a sombrero, pour yourself a margarita, and help a girl out by taking the test and letting me know.
So here's the thing. In my most unscientific method, I asked a bunch of men and women if they preferred hard or soft tacos. The results were overwhelming. Guys like 'em soft and chicks dig the hard ones. And just in case someone thinks I'm not bein' PC, yes, I did include gay and straight folks in my unofficial survey. 
Women apparently realize length is not what matters in their taco. Just look at how thick that hard shell is stuffed! Girth is where it's at baby!
Guys on the other hand stuff their meat into a soft shell wrap and like it all nice and tight.
And what does it say about someone who enjoys eating those hard and soft shell combinations?

Y'all see the connection here right? I can't believe Taco Hell and Chipotle haven't picked up on this idea yet. The marketing companies could have a fiesta with this. Sex sells! Now someone just needs to test out whether folks who prefer spicy sauce are chandelier swingin' wild and crazy in the bedroom, while those who like mild sauce are Saturday night missionary style only.

Dang, now it's Taco Tuesday and I'm hungry and horny. OLE.

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  1. Somehow Taco Bell just doesn't turn me on...
    Now homemade burritos and a Corona? That might do it.

  2. I have no good way to respond to... any of this. :P

  3. How could I have never realized all the sexual innuendo that was apparently related to tacos and burritos. It makes me think that I am horribly unobservant. Really, now that you mention it...it is soooo obvious.

  4. That must be why I'm pretty much a monk now, I don't eat tacos lol

  5. Hahaha! I never thought of this. I'll never be able to think of tacos in the same way again.

  6. Dammit, I like hard tacos, and if that makes me gay, then I guess I'm gonna go gay it up with some taco supremes (extra sour cream, please).

    1. Not at all, you are just bringing out your feminine side. The gay guys I asked like soft tacos!

  7. Hahaha, now when I go to Chillis next, I know what to (or what not to) order!

  8. I won't ever look at Mexican food in the same way...

  9. You have succeeded in making me horny and hungry also. Now what am I supposed to do? I love to eat out, but don't get out to eat very often as I usually just whip something up in the kitchen. Now if I can only find a cooperative dinner companion.

  10. I like soft tacos. What does that say about myself?!

  11. You're so funny. This makes so much sense, and Taco Bell is stupid to go all chimichanga when they should instead steal your marketing ideas.

    As long as men have space for their burrito, they don't really care how the taco was made, though. Right?

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