Friday, August 19, 2016

Ryan Lochte Rap

I seriously tried for hours to make a rap video, but I failed miserably. My family members (bless their heart) tried in vain to help, but I was hopeless 'cause white chicks simply can't rap. Apparently I can write lyrics, but I can't spit 'em. However, you can use your imagination and put these lyrics to Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby."

Stop, Collaborate and Listen
Ryan Lochte in the bathroom pissin'
A security guard he be dissin'
All his medals he might be missin'
Ryan with your hair so white
Word on the street you got in a fight
Not with muggers as you claim
But with yourself, what a shame
Lies, Lies, Baby
Lies, Lies, Baby
Ain't no doubt when you in dat pool
You a winnah and you really rule
But you makin' up stories and that ain't cool
'Cause now you look like a big ol' tool
Come on dude whatcha be thinkin'?
You lose your morals after a night of drinkin'?
There ain't no shame in gettin' drunk
But that don't mean you can act like a punk
Lie, Lies, Baby
Lies, Lies, Baby
You represent America in this Olympic game
Instead of glory you bring home shame
You won those medals made of gold
Now you in trouble 'cause of the lies you told
You lied to your mother!!!


  1. That's right! Bottom line, he lied to his mother. The dude is in his thirties and he still lies to his mother?
    I've always said he was somewhere between odd and stupid. Now I know he's both.
    Great rap, Deb. Just wish it wasn't true.

  2. Too bad you attempts at rapping didn't work, because if you posted yourself singing this on Facebook, it'd go viral. It's reeeeally good. What those swimmers did is horrible. Talk about epitomizing the Ugly Americans.

    1. It really is a horrible thing they did. Sadly, my attempt at rapping was almost as bad.

  3. haha that would have been great to see you rapping to. Maybe you need some disco lights going to get a good rap out lol the cat could probably rap better than me, a video would be very scary. I'll stick to lyrics too.

  4. Wonderful! but I won't video!

    1. Wow, I hit send before reading what I wrote. I want the video of you rapping... But what I wrote is correct, for there is no way anyone should ever watch a video of me doing music.

  5. I can't even dance let alone rap

  6. he really did shame your country, as if it wasn't enough that most of the world believes US athletes are privileged at the Olympic and the referees often help them, not to mention that half of them look like they are using dope, and now this too...

  7. This is so dope (I don't even know if I'm using that word correctly. I probably sound like an old lady trying to be hip). Anyway, I wish I'd written it. I have a whole new level of admiration for you. Love it!

  8. Uh, yeah, we still want to see a video. This is fire af fam rap got me lit.

    (You're welcome for the kid lingo. It got me a little mentally exhausted, though, so I'm just gonna go lie down a spell)

  9. They were ripping him apart on z100 this morning!! I still dont get why he lied?? Either way, I still really want to see the rap video. Hahaha

  10. I totally couldn't pull off the rap thing either, so kudos to you for giving it your best. *high five*

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I do a pretty good boogie, but I don't rap.

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