Monday, April 25, 2016

Good Golly Miss Molly

Yeppers folks, this past Friday night it was that time of the year again. Time for Uncle Jeffy and, "his band", The Church of Rock, to "perform" in the annual Carousel Center Gala. The Carousel Center is my very favorite local charity because 100% of the proceeds raised stay right here in our community to help heal and protect victims of child abuse. Since its inception in 2000, The Carousel Center has provided forensic medical and trauma therapy services for 3,700 children in a six county area. The average age of a child seen at the center is a mere 5 years old.

The Gala is The Carousel Center's largest fund raising event of the year and this year it raised 100 grand. WHOOP WHOOP! Performers lip synch to songs and have an absolute blast entertaining the audience. Kickin' it Country was the theme this year. Although country was completely out of The Church of Rock's comfort zone, they flirted with disaster by doin' a little Molly Hatchet. And, I must say, the Church of Southern Rock nailed it.
Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Take Me to Church

For the past several months a few folks have posted a version of redneck horseshoes on my Facebook page and said it made them think of me. Perhaps it was because of my West Virginia college days, or maybe 'cause I fancy myself a bit of a redneck. But what most people don't know is that back in the day my Daddy actually won first prize throwin' toilet seats at some country music festival in Myrtle Beach. He won him a Willie Nelson hat and wore that sucker with pride! Yeppers we all got a good laugh about that and I kinda forgot about it until these recent posts startin' showin' up.

Then it got me thinkin' how much I moved up the food chain when I got married and took my hubby's last name. Church toilets are the shit baby! Hells Yea, I can honestly say I go to Church several times a day. 
So next time I play redneck horseshoes, I'm flushin' the competition, makin' my Daddy proud, and takin' y'all to Church by bringin' home the gold.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Date Night (that never happened)

I seriously can not stop laughing at this communication. Yeppers, it's real and it's between me and my husband of 30 years. Thought y'all might enjoy it as well.
So yea, there was a black tie event on Saturday night for patrons of our local Azalea Festival. It's a pretty big deal here in our southern town. Since we are too cheap to be patrons, someone was nice enough to offer Uncle Jeffy tickets to the Gala on Friday. Although I certainly appreciate being asked, seriously, what woman other than a supermodel has a dress suitable for a black tie event with 24 hours notice?
 Uncle Jeffy graciously declined with this gem: "thank you so much for your kind offer of the tickets. However, apparently I'm the only one who was unaware that you can't wear a dress you have hanging in your closet and that one day notice is not enough time to buy a new one." The female who offered the tickets replied with rip roarin' laughter! 
But all's well that ends well. Date night was just like every other night around here. By 7pm we were each in our familiar spots on the couch, me in my Sponge Bob PJ's, and Uncle Jeffy in his boxer shorts and corvette t-shirt stained with bleach. Aaaahhhh the romance never ends after all these years!