Monday, March 28, 2016

Peep Show

Did anyone get those sugary marshmallow treats this year?
I'm gonna tell ya some facts ya might be surprised to hear.
Peeps were born in Bethlehem, PA in 1953.
Folks didn't like the wings so they couldn't let them be.
In 1955 the wings were clipped for a sleek, modern look.
The yellow chick remains the favorite in the history book.
It only takes six minutes to make a Peep.
People buy enough to fill up a Jeep.
In one year the factory makes enough to circle the earth twice.
That's more infestation than a head full of lice!
Neither microwave, water or acid can destroy that sucker.
It is so sweet, your mouth will certainly not pucker.
37,000 Peeps weigh as much as one boy band.
That is too many of either to have on hand!
On New Year's Eve Bethlehem drops a Peep in center square.
Try to top that rockin' celebration if you dare!
As cute as they are, I'm not really a fan of this holiday treat.
For me, good ol' chocolate just can't be beat!
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Triple D's

Thought the triple D's might get your attention. Hahaha My coffee table book is finally here! GAWD, it's been a LOOOOONG time comin' but my very first literary masterpiece is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  Deb's Daily Drivel is 365 daily tidbits of adult humor, inspirational messages, and a sprinkling of helpful household hints designed to bring joy to the discriminating reader. If you get my wacky sense of humor, here's the link:

Friday, March 11, 2016

Feel Good Friday

If the bird wins, will these dudes be forever ostracized from the cycling associations?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Roller Derby Review

Back in the day, roller derby was a full contact sport for females, kinda like hockey for dudes. I realize I'm showin' my age when I tell ya I actually used to watch this exciting sporting event on TV with my Dad. We would hoot and holler when the ladies would throw elbows, pull hair, push and trip each other, and clap and cheer when fights would erupt. Sadly folks, times sure have changed.
My friend Melissa and I attended our local Cape Fear Roller Girls roller derby on Saturday for something new and exciting to do. With names like Bella da Brawl, Blew Mountain Bomber, Busty Rhymes, Cinderwreckya, Punky Bruise-Her, Kat Von D-Linquent, Hawaiian Puncher, and Raven Madd just to name a few, I was ready for a serious smack down. However, other than butt bumps and hip pushes, that is really the extent of the body contact. You throw an elbow and you will land in the penalty box. BUMMER!
One thing I will say is that there is actually strategy and skill involved to earn points, and these chicks obviously practice their blocking maneuvers. And it is clear the women have a devoted fan base and are a tight knit group. I applaud them for committing to a sport while holding down day jobs.
But dang, is nuthin' sacred anymore?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Eyebrows Have It

It's Wacky Wednesday time and the wackos sure are all over the internet with their conspiracy theories lately. Have you heard about the weirdoes who believe Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey? Seriously, some dude named Dave Johnson has a very convincing YouTube video outlining the conspiracy. He claims JonBenet was never really strangled in her Colorado home, there was no death, but in fact the little beauty queen grew up to become the pop star Katy Perry.
He goes on to say how much JonBenet's parents look like Katy's parents and superimposes images of the two girls' faces to show similarities between them.
Sure there are a couple of gaping holes in this theory like:1. Katy is about 6 years older than what JonBenet would be today; and 2. JonBenet's mother died of ovarian cancer in 2006 while Katy's Mom is very much alive. However, some other guy posted a separate conspiracy theory video in which he pointed out the shape of the eyebrows and basically says, "you are born with your eyebrows." "They are very close indeed". So now I'm convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that this is true based on first hand experience. Ya see, about 10 years ago some kid on the school bus asked my boys if they were brothers. They said yes. That kid said he knew they were brothers right away because they had the same eyebrows. Although we have gotten a good laugh about that for many years, there is obviously somethin' to this eyebrow thang. The eyebrows have it!
So did you hear the one about Ted Cruz bein' the Zodiac Killer? I'm tellin' ya folks, the only way to know fer sure, is to remove those glasses and study the eyebrows very carefully.
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