Monday, December 21, 2015

MIA in a Good Way

Dang, it's been awhile since I sat down at my computer and wrote a blog post. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but I sure missed my blogging buddies! I've been MIA, but mostly in a good way.

Let me try to condense my train wreck of a life for ya, so y'all can feel better about yours. I'm tellin' ya folks, this should put some Merry in your Christmas, some Happy in your Holidays and some Joy in your World.

Ok, as a result of my Mom dyin' in September I inherited her special needs brother. Uh yea, it's less than an ideal situation for me, tryin' to oversee his care from 9 hours away. So, a few weeks ago I headed to PA to deal with those myriad of issues. As a treat to myself for gettin' mostly all my ducks in a row, my childhood friend Mindy and I took a bite out of the Big Apple. For 2 1/2 days, we ate, drank, window shopped and saw all the magical highlights the city has to offer this time of year.
The gorgeous Christmas tree at Rockefeller center
Our delicious meal at Eataly
Kinky Boots freakin' rocked!
While I was gone, I received the best Christmas present EVAH. It's something I have not blogged about 'cause my friends are so damn tired of hearin' about it they want to slap me upside da head and say, "shut up bitch". But, just 'cause it's local news doesn't mean my blogging buddies even know about it.
Almost two years ago we discovered that the fat bastard above, who was Uncle Jeffy's office manager, embezzled over 500 grand from his plastic surgery practice. We will never know the full amount he stole because it cost the practice $1.4 million in direct and indirect costs to prove his guilt and to keep the business solvent. We simply could no longer justify spending good money to chase bad money. This "Guy" was our friend, our trusted office manager, who for seven years systemically and calculatedly stole from the 43 employees who worked there every single day.
After a most painful experience with the justice system, he pled guilty to 16 counts of embezzlement and one count of forgery while I was in PA. Living with this for 22 months has been pure hell. I sincerely hope none of you are ever a victim of a crime, 'cause as an attorney, I can say with full confidence that our legal system definitely holds true to the tenant of "innocent until proven guilty". Last Wednesday was the best day of my life as I watched the judge sentence the embezzler to spend the next 3-4 years in the slammer, hopefully bein' Big Bubba's bitch! For those of you who are interested in reading the article of how Uncle Jeffy got on the witness stand and blasted his ass in a victim statement, the link is Here
Even more so than the fact this nightmare is over, I am extremely proud that we reported the Guy's misdeeds to law enforcement instead of just firing him and trying to move on, that we had the stamina to continue to fight thru seemingly impossible odds within the legal system, and to send a message to the community that thieves need to be punished criminally. Although I lost a few friends and acquaintances in the pursuit of what I believe was the right and honorable thing to do, my rock solid family has reminded me of this famous quote, which I will leave you with today: