Monday, November 23, 2015

Mr. Ugly

In some parts of the world, women anxiously await People magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. But in Zimbabwe, men actually compete for the coveted title of "Mr. Ugly". This year's winner is 42 year old Maison Sere, who beat five other contestants to win the $500 prize. Apparently that is a big deal in that country with such massive unemployment. Mr. Sere, who came in fourth place last year, thanked God and the judges for the title. Awe, such a beautiful acceptance speech
But in every pageant there are some sore losers. William Masvinu, a three time Mr. Ugly winner, who scored the $100 second place prize this year, accused the judges of not being fair and said the organizers need new judges for the contest to be fresh. Well folks, I think Mr. Masvinu's ugly behavior exemplifies that old sayin', "ugly is as ugly does"!

Thanks David for the butt ugly story.

Story: Here


  1. How can ugly be fresh?
    Can't take the ugly out of people even if you make them not ugly on the outside.
    I wonder who the judges would pick if they wandered through a WalMart at two in the morning?

  2. Hahaha the judges would need different categories for those Walmartians because it wouldn't be fair to just crown one winner from all those serious contenders.

  3. He looks so much younger than that! You reckon the missing teeth can go the age go missing too? :)

    1. I thought he looked younger than 42 as well Dezzy. His skin looks great.

  4. lol when you have the ugly goods, may as well get $500 for it.

  5. If he actually went to a dentist I bet he wouldn't look horrible. But, you know, he won $500, which is clearly more important.

  6. This is sad and funny. Oh my. I wonder what they do for the (lack of) talent portion, and thank you for not showing photos of the bathing suit segment.

    Happy Thanksgiving week, JKIR.

  7. Frankly, I was crushed when I learned that David Beckham won "Sexiest Man Alive."
    I even trimmed my nose hairs.

  8. I believe that dishonor belongs to Clint Howard

  9. Wow, to me he looks a lot younger and in his fourties.

  10. I'm not even sure what to say. At least he brought home the big bucks.

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