Monday, June 8, 2015

Triple the Pleasure

How 'bout that American Pharoah?
He sure made a ton of dough!
 The Derby, the Preakness, the Belmont; he won them all.
The other horses did surely fall.
History was made on Saturday night.
That horse crossed the finish line just right.
First triple crown winnah in 37 years.
His owner and trainer shed lots of tears.
Winning the triple crown is a most difficult feat.
One that certainly is hard to beat.
He doesn't have to race no more.
Sex will now be his basic chore.
Surely he will be put out on the stud farm.
Where mares will line up for his southern charm.
To be treated like a king.
All for his big ding a ling.
He can sire as many colts as his sperm will allow.
And the racing world will all take a bow.
Best thing is no child support will come his way.
Now that's a prize to surely make his day!


  1. I think you showed up the cat with this rhyming post!!! Bravo to the horse. :)

    1. Hahaha just to be compared to the cat is a huge compliment!

  2. I'm just waiting for the day when the horses revolt when they realize humans are racing them for profit.

  3. If he's smart he'll do like Peyton Manning did and invest his money into chain restaurants like Papa John's.

    1. I like the yoga and mediation advert he did, way back when. That one still cracks me up.

  4. It was quite an exciting race!! I also wonder about the jockey's knees. Good grief that looks so painful the way they sit with their knees up and their legs behind them.

    1. I love the jockey's bright shirts, especially the polka dots.

  5. lol look at you go with the flow. He'll now get all the feed and all the sex a horse could ever need.

  6. This HORSE is beautiful. I loved seeing him take the lead and never looking back. We can all learn a thing or two from this studly stud.
    Yes Deb!
    I have to make myself wear color! I have a gal friend whom I have had all my life. She is an artist {paints gorgeous} and she hate neutrals. She claims they make her look washed out. When we are a parties together we love to stand by each other cuz we balance each other out. hahahahaha

  7. I watched! It was history in the making. Quite the amazing horse.

    1. I was telling my kids how amazing it was that they got to watch all 3 races this year and see history in the making.

  8. Nothing like an early retirement with all the sex imaginable. At least I imagine so.

  9. poor horsie! I've always wondered if they actually enjoy races or is it just a form of animal torture?

  10. Try as I might, I just can't get all jazzed up about horse-racing. Maybe it's the gambling connection or lack of hot cheerleaders...? Whatever....still it is a great accomplishment.
    That sex work stuff sounds pretty sweet. But, I read that he'll be running another race soon. September...?
    Well, that just sucks for him. You'd think they'd let him meet a few mares.

    1. No worries Al, he'll be meeting them soon enough. Breeding season is usually from the first part of February or March- thru May or even June depending on location and climate. Since all horses are considered a year older on January 1, (to keep things fair) and the horses gestation period is an average of 11 months.... this means the foals being born early in the year are actually closer to being a year older than those born later on. Clear as mud?

  11. yes.
    my photo was on the tv for a local non-profit organization.
    it is my photo.
    i think they took it off of my instagram post back around easter.
    {from my other blog = 'renae's repertoire'.
    i've removed that instagram post and have replaced it with
    this one with the watermark more visible.
    i had it faint on purpose of the watermark but when they used it you
    couldn't see it. now this one is faint but more visible.