Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kicked in the Balls

It's Wacky Wednesday time folks and I know it takes balls to even mention pretty boy 'cause it gets everybody's balls in an uproar. Yea it seems like Tommy Boy got kicked in the balls the other day:
But ya gotta remember the wise words of Pete Rose who caught some serious curve balls:

And let's not forget that former team mates who rubbed the same balls still got each other's backs:
Of course there are some people whose balls are against the wall:
But at the end of the day, even though Tom got his balls busted for bein' a cheater, he still won four Super Bowls:


  1. Ah, soft balls. Not good for anybody.

  2. All dis talkins bout bawlz remines me, all da whyte womens luv my big ol salty chocolate bawlz, I makes minez wif lovin care and day be velvitee smoove and day be pryxed ta moove, speshully round balentines day. Don't be waitin to da las minite to awder yourens tadays.

  3. Yet it's still more probable than not that he is a douchebag. Thanks for the chuckles.

  4. Douchebag with hurt balls, he'll take that show on the road

  5. See now I've got to check my own! Thank you.

  6. Wait, who cheated on whom? And which balls is he playing?

  7. he was just trying to earn more than his wife

  8. Douchebag... Once you enter that club, you've hit rock bottom :)

  9. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am more a baseball than football fan. More importantly, I am MUCH more a Giants fan than a Patriots one.
    I honestly think this is much ado about nothing (or relatively so). I also honestly think that, if it weren't Tom Brady and the Patriots, no way would this be blown up the way it has been. Just supposin' a team which did NOT make the playoffs did this? It would be just as wrong, but we wouldn't be crabbing at each other. On the other hand, I wonder what would have happened if NOTHING happened to the NFL's Golden Boy a year after Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson? Yeah, probably a Baltimore thing.
    But, perspective is a marvelous thing. In other words.... the Middle East....

  10. Oh, one more thing....
    From a purely Penwasser perspective, Brady's balls?
    Comedy gold.

  11. What a mess this is. And sad, too.

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