Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Well, it ain't Vegas Baby like last year, but it was good quality family time all the same. Last year it was all about blowin' it out before my oldest son left for college, and this year it was just the three of us. So, we decided to hop in the car and drive a few hours south to the quintessential southern city of Charleston, SC because Ry Guy and Uncle Jeffy love them some history and I love me the shoppin' and food.
The view from our hotel.
I made a new friend.
Would any of you gentlemen wear this getup? I seriously 'bout peed my pants when I saw this display at the new Vineyard Vines store. Then I 'bout fell over when our tour guide told us the store rent was 24 grand a month! WHOA, somebody better start buyin' that fancy schmany stuff!
Rainbow Row.
Recognize this famous lane? It's Boone Hall plantation, the site of such movies as North and South, Queen and The Notebook. Army Wives also films there frequently.
The big house at Boone Hall Plantation. My man Ryan Reynolds tied the knot with Blake Lively right here on these very grounds.
Dinner at FIG (Food Is Good). It took one month to get reservations at this joint but it WAS good.
Cuddly lemurs at the aquarium.


  1. Charleston is such a beautiful place! Plenty of history and shopping for everyone. How was it, going on vacation with just the three of you?

  2. Looks like an awesome trip! Wow, you waited one month for good? I think I'd only wait one month for great.

    And as a gay banker, of COURSE I'd wear that suit. Oh, wait, I'm neither...

  3. I shole wud wear me that suut, that be lookin sharup cept it need ta be a purpul shirt and den tops it off wit sum shiny whyte shoose. Hole up, whyte? Goot lookin womans, wooo weee I shole does love me sum whyte womans and yu be da cream of da crops, no pune intended bein in Charlson Souf Carlina and all.

  4. err umm no way hosa, even my corpse wouldn't be caught dead in that lol 24 grand a month though? Damn. Sounds like a fun vacation

  5. I want to go!!! I wished I had longer to stay when I was in the Carolinas last month. Looks like a fun time for sure. Charleston and Savannah are on my list of places because of the history.
    Bring back the vest and pinstripes!! Come on guys you can do this.

  6. Been a few years since I've seen Rainbow Row

  7. Looks like such a great time. I would love to visit there one day. That photo of the three of you is awesome. What a beautiful family you have.

  8. Shopping and food sounds like a great time!!

    1. ...and I like that outfit!! I dressed my man in something similar for our daughter's baptism. Verryy snazzyyy hahaha

  9. I LOVE Charleston! Although, the next time I visit, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. I was a little intimidated by the waiter at Bubba Gump who asked, "Are yew one a dem Yankee faggots who plans on livin' here?"
    I was afraid NOT to leave a good tip.

  10. I would have worn that 30 years or so ago. You'd have to give me an awfully good reason to get me into a suit these days, though.

  11. all bow in front of king Julian!

  12. What was for dinner at FIG? Did it disappear too fast to get photos?

    When I was in Atlanta a few months ago, I was blown away by some of the prices on clothes. Shopping is a much bigger deal in the South, where people actually care to look good.