Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Would You, Could You in a Box?

It's Wacky Wednesday time folks, and just when you thought you've seen it all on the boob tube, somebody goes and creates somethin' even weirder and wackier than evah before. So how 'bout the idea of havin' sex in a camera free, soundproof box in front of a live TV audience and then comin' out and talkin' about the dirty deed with a few shrinks? Tune into WE and watch 34 couples take a provocative healing journey on Sex Box this season.
Would you, could you in a box?
It's on WE, not on Fox.
Could you really have sex on TV?
Even if there were no cameras for people to see.
Get down and dirty in the square.
Come out and talk if you dare.
Ya gotta come clean with the TV shrink.
So they can tell everybody what they think.
What if you go in and you're not in the mood?
The folks watchin' will think you're a prude.
Or what if your partner turns all Christian Grey?
That could be one helluva roll in the hay!
Either way you're likely screwed.
Cause the show is really just plain lewd.
Who would sign up for this crazy shit?
Someone who is obviously a nitwit.
But it may be like a train wreck, you can't look away.
Pour yourself a drink and watch it some fine day.


  1. How 'bout the idea of havin' sex in a camera free, soundproof box in front of a live TV audience and then comin' out and talkin' about the dirty deed with a few shrinks...

    How many hours are the audience prepared to wait for them to come out? ;)

  2. As I get older I realize that there will never come a time when I'll have seen it all. Something wackier always comes along! And this? This...gawd...

  3. All you gox to does is ax one of dem womens I done been wit, whyte womens, dat box shole aint big enuf fo me. Gone ahed a done ax one.

  4. Seriously? I think we have truly taken a whole new turn in trash TV!! First there is a naked dating show, then there's a marry on the first date show, and now lets have sex in the box show. Its sad really.

  5. Yep, Idiocracy is sure coming to pass. This is pathetic. I sure hope they hose down the box though.

  6. Omg, this is CRAZY. I would never ever in a box or with a fox!!! lol

  7. Wait, what?
    Like with your spouse or just some random partner?

    1. The participants are all couples and apparently there is some "science" behind the premise of the show. For so many minutes after sex you are more open to therapy and willing to talk about the experience, hence, the reason behind the shrinks.

  8. I watched a European version years ago and nothing happens in it... No action I'm afraid

  9. I jux gox ta thankin, ifin thay thoad sum malk licker and a nikes blunt in they box, sum folk mite jux opens up and say what on they mine.

  10. soundproof? Why not take out all the fun out of that.

  11. I would totally have performance anxiety.

  12. Holy shit! Do they have sex with strangers? If so, how do they pick their mate? Is this an "upgraded" version of the Dating Game?