Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bye Bye Blogging Buddies

It's been over 2 years and 467 posts since I started this gig.
That fact alone makes me want to do a little jig.
But as they say, all good things must come to an end.
So it's time for this weird and wacky blog to follow that trend.
Yes folks this is my final swan song.
I'll spare ya a pic of a giant schlong.
It was my goal to provide you with joy and laughter at my place.
At the very least to put a smile on your face.
I know my humor is too warped for some.
But that is still better than being gloomy and glum.
As we start off the New Year
I'm bustin' out home renovations in high gear. 
Just look at this shit on my bathroom wall.
Whoever did that had some kinda gall!
After 20 years, 2 boys and a dog, the carpet has got to go!
Lemme tell ya, my house ain't never gonna be on show. 
Sadly I don't have time to read and write anymore.
'Cause my lame brain can only handle one kinda chore.
Plus all my spare time is gonna be spent playin' Mother hen.
In a few short months my oldest is leavin' the den :(
I will miss all of the amazing friends I met along the way.
You made me feel special each and every day!
All of you faithful readers, I hold you in my heart so dear.
Your love, support and friendship became very clear.
I wish for you, all you dream of and more.
All the best in twenty, one, four!