Friday, December 6, 2013

As Seen on TV

Well folks, only 19 more days til Christmas, but who's counting right? If you haven't finished your shopping yet, you can get some awesome ideas for just 'bout everybody on your Christmas list just by watchin' TV. Here are a few gems fer ya:
Want that perfect potato every time?
Don't have to mess with grit and grime.
Not too soggy, not too dry,
Give Potato Express a try.
The hands free binoculars that look like sunglasses.
You don't have to tell anybody to move their asses!
'Cause you can see 300 times better than the naked eye,
The thangs you gonna see- Oh, My, My!!!!
Can't stand another hot, sleepless night? 
You wake up in a sweaty fright.
Put this cold pack in your pillow and chill.
Sleep like a baby you certainly will!
No need to exercise or restrict your food.
Why that would be downright lewd!
Just put on this miracle belt
And watch your belly fat melt.
The safe and effective way to remove ear wax.
If you order now you may not even pay tax!
Love that screaming on the TV ad
What a damn wimpy Dad!
Order: Here


  1. The tummy tuck for me, please! The ear wax removing cleaner freaks me out. Ewwww... Does someone have so much wax that they'd need this? Ewwwwww....

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  3. Say it ain't so-so
    You forgot the No-No!!!

  4. I want the Tummy Tuck!
    Potatoes done in four minutes? What witchcraft is that?

  5. I bet someone is going to think those glasses are going to be a great idea for driving

  6. Pervs everywhere delight, they can snoop in the daylight. What about the she-wee? Orlin bought that as a gift at our see, thanks to thee lmao

  7. When I was a kid, I would have loved a chillow.

  8. i don't think i would ever buy any of these things for my loved ones.

  9. The question is: Have we been 'Naughty or Nice?' Because these are simply to 'Die For.' lol

  10. Removing ear wax? I'd like to get rid of my belly, but I've never been concerned about removing unappealing ear wax.

    Happy holidays, JKiR.


  11. I just bought my wife an item I saw advertised on TV. It's a hand wisker. You push down on the battery-less handle and the wisker spins like a top. The commercial said it wasn't sold in any stores so I went down to Walgreens and bought it.

  12. I scratch my head every time I see the chiller pillow commercial. Really? And people really sweat like that while their bodies don't move and their heart rate is at it's lowest? hmmm