Friday, November 22, 2013

Nice Rack!

Ladies, ya gotta check out this new bra called the wine rack
You may not be well endowed, but in alcohol, you will never lack.
Fill 'er up with 25 ounces of your favorite libation
All day long you will feel like you are on vacation!
Selling on Amazon for only $29.95
This bra will surely make you feel alive!
Perfect to slip under your business suit to work
Especially when your boss is being a jerk.
All ya gotta do is reach inside and pull at your nip
Take out the tube and enjoy a good long sip.
Stuck at home all day with the kids screamin' and yelpin'?
I know a lotta Mamas this hidden gem is gonna be helpin'!
No need to pay those corkage fees next time you go out to dine
Hah, no one will even know you brought your own wine!
If hubby comes home pouting 'cause he had a bad day
Offer him a swig and watch his troubles magically go away.
Obviously this bra is a win/win
Not buying one today would be a sin.
Thank you to my friend Tina, with a nice big rack of her own, for sending me this blogworthy material!

Buy: Here


  1. This may be the best invention since the wheel

  2. This one product solves so many problems!

  3. I guess with that bra only witches can enjoy a cold wine... you know there's an expression that witches have cold.....

  4. I've seen this before and not-so-secretly I want one. Hell, maybe I'd even consider free motorboats!

  5. hahaha that will come in handy for many I bet

  6. Hahaha! Is it possible that I've finally seen everything?

  7. You should get paid for these posts.

  8. Totally diggin' this... Love the Poem too (as usual)

    Happy Friday, Slu

  9. Brilliant idea. Do men get a jock strap rack to drink from? Doesn't sound like a catchy idea.

  10. I can see this on the gift list for a few people I know!

  11. But what if you're well endowed like me and there ain't any room for wine in your bra? Do we busty ladies have to be eternally sober?

  12. This reminds me of the water packs that hikers or skiers use. Oh, I get it.

  13. Dammit! I meant to invent this years ago and make my fortune! OK just sign me up--I need one NOW!

  14. Hi Debbie we're new to your blog by way of mutual blogging bud, Meno Mama. We've been kicking around your blog & luv your wicked sense of humor. Excellent post by the way. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Breast-Feed". Goin' to check out some more of your posts now. :)

  15. Yes, I can see that this will be a great Christmas present for a lot of women that have been struggling with where to hide their flask at work. God forbid if they spring a leak though.

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