Friday, September 27, 2013

Walk While You Work

Can't find time to work and go to the gym?
The chances of doing both sometimes can be mighty slim.
But check out this handy dandy tool
Tell me this invention doesn't rule.
The new treadmill desk lets you exercise while you work.
If you are so inclined you can even try to twerk!
No excuse now not to move your lazy ass
Get out the aggression when your boss is being crass.
Set that sucker for a full on run
Break a good sweat before you are done!
How many miles can you log in a typical day?
Those unwanted el bees will surely melt away.
For only $479.00 on Amazon that's quite a deal.
Come on folks, let's be real.
How are you gonna use your keyboard while trying not to trip?
I envision many falls ending with a big, fat lip.
Imagine a conference call huffing and puffing
Your colleague will think you are wiener stuffing.
Does anyone think this is a good idea, may I ask?
Maybe for the king or queen of the multitask?
As for me, I'll sit on my butt and blog away,
And save my work out for another part of my day.


  1. it rules big time!!! Now I want a sleeping walking treadmil!

  2. haha! how to people come up with these things?! great post

  3. After the ordeal I just went through this week with my injury, there is no way in HELL I would even attempt this. The only GOOD thing that came out of my klutzy accident was a new blog post. Otherwise, I think I will remain on my fat ass in a chair to blog!!

  4. You're so good with these funny poems! That treadmill is just one huge accident after another waiting to happen. I am way too uncoordinated to do that and focus on work- especially in the morninge before i've finished my coffee! crazy inventions.

  5. Love the poem here :) and I totally want one of these at my workplace!!!

  6. I did a post about these treadmills last May and was amazed why anyone wants to put enough effort to actually work at work. Still your poem is awesome. Did you type that out while walking on a treadmill?

  7. Saw one of these on a new show (20/20 or 60 Minutes types) and thought it was odd. I'm with you; sweat at the gym and sit at your work.

    Sorry about the slow computer times / issues you've been having. I hate when that happens. and YES! I did cut my own hair. In a few weeks the coloring hurdle will be next!

    Have a lovely weekend girlfriend! btw, your poem was great fun!

  8. Actually, the studies show that once a person adapts to the style, there is no loss in productivity and, actually, some people become more productive. My wife is about to get a standing station.

  9. Love the poem. My treadmill is currently covered in dust and hidden in the back of my garage.

  10. Two in one, what fun, as long as I don't have to run

  11. I can't imagine being in motion while on the computer. I'd end up puking using this.

  12. Whoever invented that needs a good smacking! Exercising while interneting? For shame!

  13. I would LOVE to have this at my desk. I'd be so damn productive!!