Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday Conner

Born on September 6, 1995
Eighteen wonderful years you've been alive!
You sure do look exactly like your Dad.
No paternity test needed to be had.
You started out as the world's most colicky baby.
I thought I could give you back somehow, maybe???
But then you turned into a really sweet boy
Who was always willing to share a toy.
I'm so impressed with the level of your smarts
Much more so than your stinky farts.
Even though you've reached the age of majority
You live at home, so I'm still the authority.
If you hit it big today with the purchase of your first lottery ticket
You better share with your Mama or there's gonna be a picket.
Otherwise you can forget about those crab legs you ordered for your evening meal.
Show me the money, or believe me, there ain't no deal! 
As we blow out the candles tonight on your cake
I must admit my heart will break.
'Cause now you've started your senior year.
And that actually makes me shed a tear.
Next year you will be in college on your own.
The man you have become will clearly be shown.
I love you Conner more than words can say!
I only wish you the best every single day!


  1. Ahhh. That made my eyeballs sweat just a little.

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Awww....such a cool poem. Happy birthday to him!

  4. Aww how sweet as you rhyme up a storm at your street. Hope he has a great birthday!

  5. My favorite post of yours Deb :) happy birthday to Conner!!

  6. Happy Birthday Conner! No matter how old they get, I think I will always look at my girls and still see their baby faces staring back at me- How come they grow up so fast?

    Eat lots and lots of cake tonight!!

  7. Wow!!! Very Sweet Poem... Best Wishes on a fabulous Birthday Dinner/Evening.

    Have a great weekend, Slu

  8. ah, how touching when mommy writes a poem about son's stinky dinky farts :PP Happy B-day to Conner!

  9. Happy Birthday Conner!

    And as an aside, now that you told me how old you are i have to say that you look AMAZING (for any age!).

    You're a hottie, but you probably already knew that :)

  10. What a handsome young man. Happy Birthday to Connor.

  11. He is such a cutie! Must be he inherited your gorgeous gene! Happy Birthday, Conner!

  12. You wrote a poem!?!? Your talents are endless. :)
    He's come a long way from Mickey Mouse shirts and Velcro shoes.
    Happy Birthday Conner!


    18 is a milestone. Pat yourself on the back dear Deb, for your accomplishments too. Behind every great kid at 18 is a remarkable Mother! ♥

  14. To Connor: Happy Birthday Connor.

    To Connor's mom: It's bittersweet isn't it? ...seeing them grow up and face the day that they become independent. Hang in there because having grown children is AWESOME too. It just keeps getting better.

  15. Happy Birthday Connor. May you get good things that you want in life.

  16. Happy birthday to Conner.

    Also I can't believe it's now 18 years since 95