Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wacky Round-Up

It's Wacky Wednesday time and today is a collection of material from news stories, perusing the web, and one of my own true stories thrown in for good measure. A collection of wacky shorts if you will.
First we have the husband and wife team Teresa and Joe Giudice of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" facing up to 30 years in the slammer after being charged with 39 counts of fraud. They are accused of grossly exaggerating their income while applying for loans before they were on the boob tube, and for submitting bogus mortgage and loan applications from 2001-2008. The couple filed for bankruptcy, but are famous for living an extravagant lifestyle. Great news for them is all Joe has to do is get involved with the right people, knock someone off, and Teresa stands a damn good shot of gettin' a starring role on "Mob Wives". Their financial worries could be over as quick as that stiff would sink to the bottom of the Hudson with cinder blocks strapped to its ankles.
I sent my kid to the grocery store. On the list was Diet Club Soda. Since he couldn't find it, Mr. Smarty Pants decided this was the next best thang.
There's 23 year old Taylor Swift AND 23 year old Sydney Leathers, better known as Anthony Weiner's sexting paramour, both sporting the new fashion in bikini wear. Honestly, I doubt even a wiener like Weiner would find those granny panties sexay. Since I'm still in the market for a new bathing suit this season, I decided to go with the new sharkini, guaranteed to be a jaw dropper:
And just in case any of you have evah looked in the mirror and were shocked at the reflection starin' back, here's a few gems to make ya feel a whole lot bettah:
Nick Nolte definitely looks like he went from "Rich Man Poor Man".
Eddie Van Halen has obviously been "Runnin' With The Devil".
I think we can all agree that Jack would say this is "As Good As It Gets".

News: Here
Thanks to my amazing friend Mindy for providing me with such great material for Wacky Wednesday!


  1. we do like the sharkini! We expect pics in it :)
    And to be honest, Jack Nicholson never really was a dashing fella

  2. I had caught just a blip of the interview with the Guidice's and wasn't clear on what they were being charged with. See how informative you are. It will be interesting to see what type of sentences they get for white-collar crime. I think perhaps their style of living may be declining real soon.

    I wouldn't buy any of the swimsuits but I would sign up for the sharkini's model's body.

    Dear gawwwdddd...Those three aged out pictures are causing serious damage to my psyche. If this is what aging looks like, I will make plans to become a hermit...with no mirrors available.

  3. those bikinis are pretty bad

  4. Is it just me or does the Weiner 'side' thang look very similar to the 'real' thang???

    Crazy stuff!!! Happy Hump Day, Slu

  5. UGH. I love the Shark-ini, but I think I would personally like it as a COCKTAIL instead of a stomach-and-stretch-mark-revelear.
    Thanks for ruining Jack for me. He has been a long-time crush of mine. Ruined!

  6. I does say that age shu skrang tackel all us at sum point. I memba tha daze I had a full head o toofusis, hole up, dat wuz sangala, I means pluruls, teefesis.

  7. Wow they do not look graceful with age, man boobs and all, blah

  8. Love the sharkini!!! You're so dang witty and funny. That is a frightening photo of Eddie van Halen.

  9. Shark week does start this weekend. I say you buy that suit and kick off the week with a bang. I'm guessing you recovered from your weekend enough by now. ;)

  10. Yowza! Suddenly, the lying image in my mirror doesn't look so bad...

  11. A big no on the high waist bikini. Why would anyone? Good luck bikini shoppin.

    1. Not all of us have the lower body for a string bikini. But that being said, those bikini bottoms are not exactly flattering either.

  12. I'm not sure if she's supposed to be the shark or what the shark left behind.

  13. That Jersey couple would fit right in in politics.
    And when did Jack get a sex change?
    Shoulda included some hair plugs while he was at it, though.

  14. Thank you for encouraging me to burn all old photos of me and refusing to take any new ones.

  15. I used to have such a huge crush on Nick Nolte when I was really young. No more!

  16. I thought I couldn't hate Taylor Swift any more. And then I saw her in a granny panty swimsuit. Thank you for that.

    Also, that woman at the bottom's got some great tits for her age.


  17. Ah. Just another couple of brilliant representatives from my home state. To say this is getting embarrassing is a massive understatement.

    The thing with Jack is, he doesn't give a flying frig how ugly he is or that he needs to wear a bra. He will laugh in the faces of everyone else who works out and takes care of themselves, while he sits on his fat ass and continues to eat, drink and be merry with supermodels who are twenty years younger than him. BTW, Jack is also a NJ native :)

  18. Okay, Deb I knew that Nolte and Nicholson were aging poorly, but Eddie Van Halen? Ya, this recent pic is scary!!! I recall hearing from Valerie Bertinelli,(on a show, not in person, mind you, LOL) saying that she couldn't handle him any longer. Wow!

    THANK YOU for your sweet words on encouragement! YOU made my day!!!!! (hug)

  19. This couple 'Teresa and Joe Giudice ' sound to be very Irish ?

  20. Those pic's are a great reminder that time is not always kind to us. Dayum!!! I would venture a guess that Jack is sporting at least a C cup there, maybe even a D.

    Maybe the couple at the top could just spare us all and strap the cinder blocks to their own ankles and jump into the Hudson?