Friday, July 12, 2013

Ode to Randy Travis

Born and raised in the Tar Heel State
Bein' a country star was Randy Travis' fate.
But first he spent some time in juvie
His early years sure were a doozie.
But a talent sure was he
Randy played that guitar with glee.
He started makin' records and movin' up the chart
A manager named Lib gave him a jump start.
Turns out he married that cougar one fine day.
But he kicked her to the curb when she turned old and gray.
It was a wild ride on the way to the top.
The hits kept comin' and never seemed to stop.
 Then in the 90's I'll be damn
Everythin' dried up like a nasty old clam.
He tried some gospel and an acting gig or two
Sadly his life turned to a pile of poo.
Found nekkid and drunk after wreckin' his Trans Am
Threatenin' the lives of the law dogs ain't too glam.
Demandin' cigs in a store with no clothes on
He must have regretted that at the crack of dawn.
Randy's life is now critical after a stroke from an infection to the heart
His legacy may go down like a rank, stinky, old fart.


  1. Poor Randy. So tragic and sad. But I really enjoyed your poem :)

  2. I didn't know he was going through brain surgery

  3. Great poem!! Maybe when I am in a bad place you could write about me and make me laugh...

  4. Oh I heard something lately about him. I didn't know he had a stroke. I loved his "Forever, Amen" song. I sang it over and over and over. I guess he became a one hit wonder after all. I do feel sorry for him.

    Now onto other fun stuff:

  5. Very clever poem. What a sad spiral down for Randy. I am not a big fan of his music but I hate to see anyone fall "into a pile of poo."

  6. Excellent Poem!!! Very nice...

    As for Randy??? Really sad. Kinda crazy (no pun intended).

    Happy Friday, Slu

  7. Great singer, but he does have a drinking problem. I wish him the best.

  8. Perfect poem!! He lives just a few towns over from me here In Texas. He lives in Tioga and is in a hospital in Dallas so i've wondered if he's in the same hospital as my Dad. They can both play guitar together. I heard his cougar wife kicked him to the curb and took his money.

  9. When I first saw that picture, I thought you were going to talk about that creepy old preacher guy from Poltergeist II. But, it's worse.

  10. Damn those teeth can shine, down into the crap heap, hate to see anyone there.