Friday, June 21, 2013

Deals of the Century!

When ya got insomnia and ya just can't sleep.
Turn on late night TV and take a peep.
Lots of  infomercials vying for your hard earned buck.
Buy some of these gems if you're down on your luck!
If tight toned buns were not a God given gift
Try out the revolutionary Brazil Butt Lift!
Guaranteed to shape, lift and firm
the ass of a supermodel you will earn.
Check out this handy dandy little pan.
An excellent gift for a woman or a man.
The perfect meatloaf every single time.
And it won't cost you much more than a dime!
If you have ailments like joint pain or digestive issues
No need to cry about it and wipe away tears with tissues.
Just one pill a day of the amazing new Omega XL
Will cure all your ills and have you feeling swell.
Why diet and exercise if ya got a few el bees to lose?
It's much easier to get skinny while you snooze.
All ya gotta do is sprinkle this magic fairy dust
On everything from ice cream to pizza crust. 
Tired of lookin' like a wrinkly old hag?
Cindy Crawford has this anti aging thing in the bag.
The secret ingredient comes from a rare French melon
Put that somewhere else baby and there just ain't no tellin'!!!!!



  1. oooh, that pan looks very practical! Does it come with the magical fairy dust?

  2. I'd like to see that rare French melon. I'm guessing it's nowhere to be found on Cindy's boney-assed body.

  3. when square dinners are just too hard to bake

  4. Look at you go with quite the flow used the butt lift back when also at my den. Seems to be on every station too. But to all I give a whoopdi friggin doo.

  5. That's funny. Why must all the best-kept secrets originate from France? And I might fall for anti-aging stuff if they showed someone ugly who was transformed by it. Cindy didn't need a rare French melon to look young.


  6. I bet that meatloaf pan won't make it taste better, though.

  7. I want the cooling pillow i saw on an infomercial last night and if i would have called within 10 minutes they would double my order for and i pay separate shipping and handling. I wasnt quick enough but i bet i can get the same deal tonight at 11:30.

  8. My mom's meatloaf always looked like a mini version of the Le Brea Tar Pits and tasted much the same. I seriously doubt the pan would be of any help in improving it, even if you added the magic fairy dust

  9. I like the meatloaf pan. How much more than a dime is it?

  10. There's no telling what kind of 'interesting' crap you'll find selling on TV. That magic fairy dust is tempting, isn't it? Particularly if you use it over a nice big slice of cheesecake!

  11. ...diggin' the rhymes!!! Happy Friday, Slu

  12. I have sadly become slightly addicted to late night infomercials lol... I want some sensa fairy dust : ) hopefully it will make me skinny while I sit on my butt and eat what I want, because I would do anything to loose 10 pounds except of course exercise and eat right lol

    June is Hydranencephaly awareness month - help spread the word

  13. Oh Deb! Thanks for the chuckles here and your ever nice words to me. I doubt I would go for none of these except the Brazilian Butt and the magic potion per Super Model Cindy. Meatloaf get-ter-out-ter? -- not so much. Hey, whatever happened to BUNS of STEEL?

  14. Lol, the last one is my favorite! Sadly, I have wondered if her products are any good.