Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tracy Beckerman is HERE with a GIVEAWAY!

I feel like a rock star today because nationally syndicated humor columnist, and frequent TV and radio guest, Tracy Beckerman asked little ol' redneck me to be one of the hosts of her blog tour for her rip roarin' hilarious book "Lost in Suburbia". OH EM GEE, I can so relate to the laugh out loud stories Tracy tells about trading in her ultracool power job for that high paying, highly appreciated job of a stay at home mom (uh yea, that is total sarcasm folks). Ya gotta love a woman who can find humor in embarrassing situations, laugh at herself, and triumph through it all.

So after I read this amazing Momoir, I posed a few questions for the coolest chick to ever grace the state of New Jersey. Here are Tracy's answers, followed by a giveaway of a signed copy of her book to one lucky reader. Oh yea my friends, 'cause that's how Tracy rolls!

1.                 I peed my pants reading about you in the dressing room with those chicks next door with their New Jersey accents. How have you learned to adapt?
 I started speaking with a Jersey accent.  Now I fit right in. Except for the fact that I don’t have big hair.

2.   Didn't you want to shoot yourself in the head when you weened your son off the binky? I kept a diary of that time with my now 17 year old son and will give it to his wife someday.
 Those things are like crack for babies. I know babies have the need to suck, but that’s why God created a thumb.  Every time the binky would pop out of my son’s mouth in the middle of the night he would start to cry because he couldn’t find it again. You can’t lose a thumb when you are sleeping.  Weening him off it was the single hardest thing I had to do, you know except for that 36 hour marathon labor. And not being able to pee afterwards. And then there were those hemorhhoids. OK, so maybe the binky wasn’t the hardest thing, but it was pretty annoying.
3.   I applaud you for giving up your high powered TV job without much inner turmoil because you actually missed your cryin', screamin', poopin' baby. What benefits did Mom get?
 I got a cryin’, screamin’, poopin’ baby and no salary or days off.  What’s better than that?
4.   Isn't signing up for toddler classes an interesting way to meet other moms? Did you ever have to get through those times like I did with Mama's little helper (wine in a sippy cup)?
I thought that a straight intravenous drip would be a much more effective and efficient way to deliver the vino.  However, I was so tired from having one toddler on the run and being pregnant at the same time that I probably would have benefitted from a coffee IV instead.
5.   I totally understand being at a cocktail party and people instantly discounting you when they learn you "are just a stay at home mom". Ever regret your decision to leave the cool job?
 By the time I left the job, I was losing the love for it anyway.  I spent 10 years being married to my job because it was the kind of job that demanded it. But once I had a husband and son, I wanted more balance. Of course I hadn’t planned to have the pendulum swing completely in the other direction and spend every moment of every day being super mom.  I was really happiest when I had the best of both… a part time cool job and full time mom.  I did however miss the praise I got for doing the big cool job.  For some reason your kids are just not that inclined to walk up to you and say, “Hey mom, you are doing an awesome job raising me, helping me formulate a positive self-image, and teaching me how to be a responsible, independent thinker. Thanks for that!”

 6.   How about your son finding your vibrator in your bed? Well played telling him it was a back massager. Does he still like back massages?
 Wow… did I put that in the book?  I’m going have to talk to my editor about that. And for the record, it wasn’t a vibrator, it was a “personal massager.”  That’s what they call it at Brookstone and I’m sticking to it.
7.   Good for you for rockin' a short haircut and a tattoo. What advice do you have for women who want to reclaim their own cool or individuality after motherhood?
 Figure out what it was about you that made you feel good about yourself before you had kids, and then get it back!  There is nothing about motherhood that precludes you from having short hair or green hair or no hair if that’s what it takes to make you feel good, even if it does get your kid beat up on the school playground. If you are a happy parent you will be a better parent, for sure.
8.   OK, how did it really feel to knock out stuck up, control freak, peanut-free Cheryl in kickboxing class with your cross punch?
 Pretty awesome. Some people just need to have their lights punched out. Not that I’m advocating violence. A well-placed pithy comment can also go a long way to making you feel better.
9. I'm so with you on not understanding how women fit into their prepregnancy clothes 2 weeks after giving birth. Do you think it's massive colonics, 'cause one thang I know for sure is breast feeding doesn't burn the amount of calories some people claim it does?
I think the ones who started out tiny stayed tiny through pregnancy and then they only had about two pounds to lose after they gave birth. I was not particularly petite to start out with and then I gained 60 pounds with each kid.  Not that those Pop Tarts I ate for nine months had ANYTHING to do with that. I’m not that good at math, but even I know when you then give birth to an eight pound baby, that leaves roughly 50 pounds still remaining to lose.  You can breast feed the whole planet and still not burn enough calories to shed that kind of weight anytime soon.   
10.                 Damn girl, you started on this monumental road to success after writing a story about how you botched your son's Valentine's Day cards. What advice do you have for us podunk bloggers who have dreams of making it big some day as a writer.
 I started as a Podunk blogger. Or at least a Podunk columnist. I had one column in my local paper, and then grew it from there. It takes patience, practice and “chutzpah.”  Write a lot so you get good at it… go after lots of fish… and when they say no, come up with another way to get what you want.  Or bribe them. That works, too.
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