Thursday, April 25, 2013

NFL Draft

Geno Smith
If you've been around these here parts long enough, you know I'm a HUGE college football fan, and I LOVE me some WVU Mountaineer football. In honor of some Mountaineers who I will be watching intently tonight at the NFL draft, I'm wearin' my WVU gear from head to toe today right down to my undies:
I'll spare ya the shot of me actually in those boy shorts.
I'm pullin' for my boys Geno Smith and Tavon Austin to do well tonight in the draft. Let's Go Mountaineers!!!!!

Now in honor of the NFL, and to give all of you folks a chuckle, whether you are football fans or not, have a look/see at the following hilarious video. Sure makes me glad my name is nice and simple!

Thank you Jane for sending me this video and causing rip roarin' laughter that was sure to scare the neighbors. 


  1. I'm pretty sure no one would complain.

  2. An absolute favorite!!! NFL Draft Day/Week...

    Stoked for my Texans. Take care, Slu

  3. LOL afraid to show up in your undies?

  4. Dan Smith!!!
    What an effed up name.

  5. That was funny!! Key and Peele crack me up

  6. As I watched the video, my kids heard it and yelled, "That one is hilarious!" and "It's an old one." Apparently, I am way behind on my funny video viewing.
    It is hilarious.

  7. I never pay much attention to the draft.

    Neither did my great-uncle in Korea.

  8. I'd be lucky if I could say one of those names

  9. seems like you're well equipped for some cheering!