Monday, February 11, 2013

Redneck Red Carpet Recap

Well, the Grammys were last night and the music folks were out in high fashion this year. I must say I'm sorely disappointed 'cause in year's past the Grammys were THE place where you could really see the weird and wacky. But this year the powers that be laid down the law and sent out a memo to presenters and performers banning side boob, buttocks and butt cracks. WTH????? The show isn't really worth watchin' unless ya get a sneak peak of Lady Gaga's tit or Lil Wayne's ass. So, my apologies for not havin' such great material to work with today, but I'll give ya the best the Grammys had to offer. Shame on them for tryin' to go all high class.
Rihanna is red hot beeeeeautiful!!!!
This Grecian style dress flattens out Taylor Swift's supposed new implants. If ya got 'em, flaunt 'em girl!!!
 Riff Raff's name defines his style.
 J Lo, the woman who inspired the memo, pushin' the envelope.
Adele gives a whole new meaning to the term Big Poppy, but she sure ain't no David Ortiz 'cause she  did not hit it outta the ballpark.
I hate to tell ya Florence but T Rex has been extinct for a few million years.
 Sadly, I think John Mayer borrowed my 1979 prom date's purple jacket.
 Janelee Monae, the matador, came fresh from a bull fight. Ole!!!
 Wiz Khalifa demonstrates what can happen if a zebra smokes crack.
Forget the memo, Alicia Keys' underboob is on fire!!!! 
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  1. I was too busy fantasizing about JT and Adam naked to see any of the fashion so thanks for posting these pics.

  2. oooh, I've no idea who Riff Raff is and judging from the pic let us keep it that way :)
    I have a red carpet report from BAFTAs over at my place, sister!

  3. I've seen Rihanna more red than that before, but only after Chris Brown got ahold of her.

  4. I missed the Grammys this year. Thanks for filling me in.

  5. I'm so over Rihanna but she looks damn good. Who, or rather WHAT the F is Riff Raff?!?!

  6. I never watch them, your recap is much more time saving. And have to agree what the hell is a Riff Raff? haha

  7. Great post, Deb! Your fashionista facts are right on. I don't ever think of doing a post about an award show, eventho I watch the Award Show. Wow, doh.

    Anyway, I somewhat liked JLo's dress but that hair? Huh? That is not flattering at all. and I did notice the under boob affect of Alicia. Adele's dress was wrong in sooooooo many ways. Adele: Think minimize! Minimize is much better than Emphasize, ooops!

  8. YeGODS!!! Adele looks like she walked into a flowerbed that threw up.
    On a related (?) issue....I was sad to not see any camel toes.
    There may have been moose knuckles, though, but I sure wasn't looking.

  9. What? Did Taylor Swift supposedly get a boob job? I don't see anything that looks new and improved. Love the T-Rex comment..I think you are being kind. Did you go to prom with Willy Wonka? If so, I think John Mayor forgot to borrow your ex-prom date's WW hat.

  10. Rihanna looked gorgeous last night and so did Katy Perry(although she pushed the cleavage envelope). Why is it ok for the dude not to wear shirt at all under that hideous jacket?

  11. You could (& should) replace Kelly Osbourne :)

  12. I thought Rihanna nailed it, even if she did ignore the whole "no boobie" rule.