Friday, January 18, 2013

Play That Game

How about my Ry Guy winning first place at his school in the Young Author's contest again this year, and also winning at the county level for his poem "Gridirion Glory"? The theme of the contest was "Play That Game".  Hope you enjoy:

Gridiron Glory
On the gridiron is where I like to be.
Throwing the pigskin is the sport for me.
I was so proud of myself for making the team.
Only twelve 7th graders realized this dream.
There were some disadvantages to being so small.
Like maybe my uniform would have fit better had I been tall.
My practice pants were so big that I actually fell.
And my game jersey was a double XL.
After practice I smell really stinky in the car.
My Mom can't stand it and keeps the windows ajar.
Game day starts with slipping the pads on over my shoulders and back.
Then putting on my team colors: gold and black.
When my helmet is on and my mouth guard is in,
I morph into a football player and I'm in the game to win!
Running through the spirit banner is really cool.
And seeing the pretty cheerleaders can make a guy drool.
Then seeing the big dudes on the other team can make you sweat.
But if they see fear in your eyes, that is something you will surely regret.
There is nothing better than hearing the "smack" from making a good hard hit.
I love to wrap up my opponent; he may need a first aid kit.
After a tough game I am covered in bruises,
But it is all worth it if to a victory my team cruises.
I'm hoping before next year I will have a growth spurt.
Being bigger and taller certainly wouldn't hurt!
I may be small in stature, but I'm big in heart.
And I plan to practice long snapping to get a head start.
When I come onto the field, everyone will cheer,
You will too, just wait til next year!


  1. Awh Deb, you just had a "pay-day"! (& I'm not referring to the candybar). All of your hard work being an excellent parent (and Uncle Jeffy) has just paid off. YAY & CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU.

  2. Good stuff. I see he has taken notice of the cheerleaders, hahaha

  3. That was wonderfully done, laughed at the first aid kit haha

  4. That was so good. He even mentioned you (cracking the windows). LOL

  5. From a hardcore football fan and mother to some pretty good football players....THIS WAS A W E S O M E!!! ang in there kiddo you don't have to be big just have to love the game and play with heart still to this very day RUDY is my fav football movie/story.

  6. What a triumph. Congratulations to him.

  7. Well, you're kinda takin the wind out of my sails with this one. My 11 year old has told me that he wants to play football next year. He wants to start playing football in 7th grade! He is one of the scrawniest kids in the entire grade, and will have to play against gigantic 8th graders. I've been trying to talk him out of it.
    Your well-spoken player has made me stop and think about my reasons for not wanting him to play.
    Congrats to Ryan for the award!

  8. Great job to Ryan!
    I wish I could have written poems but no such luck.
    No matter how hard I tried...let's face it...I sucked.

  9. Many congrats to Ryan! Love the poem :)