Friday, December 7, 2012

Keep Calm This Christmas

Is anyone feelin' a bit overwhelmed preparing for the holiday season? Trying to pick out the perfect gift for all of your loved ones, puttin' on your best game face for the dreaded office party, the cooking, the baking, and bein' forced to sit with creepy Uncle Eddie at the kid's table who just got released from the big house is enough to make anyone blow a gasket. But folks I'm tellin' ya, ya gotta breathe. Just take a deep breath and stay calm. Seriously, it ain't bad enough to slit your wrists over.

Unfortunately, this little feller here failed to get the memo. He was so stressed out bein' the early bird catchin' the worm every damn day that he decided to end it all before Santa came to his tree to leave a big juicy earthworm in his nest. Yeppers, my boys and I were sittin' on the couch the other mornin', and BAM, along came Mr. Wren slammin' into our front door. Thank God he wasn't a suicide bomber with 10 pounds of T&T strapped to his chest or my family woulda been blown to smithereens. Instead, he just took himself out with one last flight straight into the door. POW!!!! Now that's a heck of a swan song hey?
So what possibly could have been so stressful to make this fine feathered friend want to be food for worms? Perhaps he caught wind that he was on Santa's naughty list and was gettin' a pet cat for Christmas. Yea, best to go out on your own terms buddy. Smart bird!!!!


  1. Wow - I bet he never knew what "hit" him.

  2. Deb! please! please do a post with your Griswald christmas as a show off? please! would you believe i got the candy-cane tree for $3 at a kohl's after christmas clearance sale? "yeppers"

    that birdie didn't know what hit him, or rather what he hit! great post, great simple subject to create a fun and cleaver post. great!!!!

  3. Well if you gotta go, may as well be on your own terms. I guess he just wanted to flip Santa the bird.

  4. Lol lol lol...not about the poor birdy of course but you are one funny woman...and to think I only just discovered hoo.
    But I'll be back and yeah, Stay Calm during Christmas...I wish!

  5. Dang- i hate those Kamikaze birds!!!