Friday, December 14, 2012

A Boy and His Truck

Folks, you know I rarely write sentimental posts, but 'tis the season as they say. There is my now 17 year old son, Conner, pictured with his brand new truck. That picture was taken over a year and a half ago when Uncle Jeffy surprised him with this beauty before he was even old enough to drive. Conner named it Clifford, the big red truck, after Clifford the big red dog cartoon, and that baby became my boy's pride and joy!!!!

Unfortunately, last week a Volvo ran a red light going 55 mph, hit Clifford going 8 mph, causing Clifford to spin 180 degrees and flip on its side with Conner inside. A guardian angel was looking over my boy that night 'cause Conner walked away from the accident scene without a scratch. I'm also eternally grateful to Toyota for their amazing durability, seat belts and airbags 'cause Clifford definitely did his job!!! Sadly, Clifford the big red truck, is totalled and did not survive the impact.

As part of an English assignment Conner had to write a poem modeled after a great American poet. Thought y'all might enjoy his rendition. Dare ya not to shed a tear.

A Farewell to Clifford

So long, to your cherry red paint
working as mirror when I am in haste.
You left me too soon
and our time was cut short.
So long, to your wonderful gas mileage,
that saved me so much money.
You were my first love
and will always have a special place in my heart.
So long, to the rev of your engine,
a sound that gave me great joy.
I will always remember
the places we've been together.
So long, to your seats
that envelop me in comfort.
You will be hard to replace
but it is a necessary evil.
So long, to all the heads you turn
and the compliments that you get.
We had a good run
that I will always remember.
So long to Clifford,
my first car and my first love.
You saved my life
and I will be forever grateful.


  1. Glad he was not hurt, but poor clifford. Really captured him and made him come alive with his verse.

  2. so glad to hear your son wasn't hurt :( Driving is often like walking on a tight rope....

  3. Oh my, i drive a red toyota pickup just like Clifford. That makes me sad all around! Praise God that Connor is OK!!!
    The poem is great.

  4. Deb! morning! oh that is a great post. your son has your writing talent!!! i am so glad that Connor is fine and wasn't injured at all. that same collision happened to me about 13 years ago but i didn't land on my side. they didn't total the car but they should have because the frame was bent and they didn't notice it. luckily, i had a great friend that was a auto dealer and i was honest and he let me trade it in on a used much better, dependable car. ya, sometimes life is crappy. but we always need to count our many blessings, no matter what.

  5. oooops, i am sorry! i spelled Conner wrong.

  6. Wow loved the poem it did get me blurried eyed yikes I am at work, so glad Connor wasn't hurt it is so hard for parents to let the kids venture out onto the highways and rightly so but from the looks of Clifford angels were present. You have a super kid there ','

  7. Teacher beeter have given him an A+!!

    I remember you mentioning this when it happened. So glad he was safe. Gotta love trucks.

  8. It's amazing that a volvo could do that much damage to that big truck. Glad your boy is all right!

  9. So glad he wasn't hurt! I have an aunt and uncle who were in a massive car wreck due to a kid who "had the sun in her eyes". My aunt has a shattered wrist and broke arm and a fractured neck. My uncle needs to have surgery on his broken neck, has a broken foot, and is waiting until they can figure out how to do surgery on him without him bleeding out, saying they need a blood specialist. *sigh* You're son is so very lucky. And Clifford was definitely an excellent truck.

  10. Farewell Clifford we hardly knew ye.

    I'm glad Conner was okay though.

  11. Wow - I am so glad your son was able to walk away. I feel for him - I know how boys (and men) love their first love. (past cars and trucks)

    I enjoyed his poem. I'm kinda sad too, that he lost it. I hope he is able to get a new one soon, that will keep him safe and bring him joy.

  12. Love the poem, but sigh with relief that this incident didn't have a tragic ending.

  13. So glad he walked away without injury.
    Has Uncle Jeffy seen the poem? Perhaps he can help Conner find another love. Maybe a T-Bone? Or a Lassie? Marmaduke?

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