Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Redneck Recap

It's the last Wacky Wednesday of the year folks, and I thought I would give you my redneck recap of the top 10 wackiest people, news stories, or just plain ol' wacky things that made us laugh in 2012.

10.  Early in the year we were introduced to the revolutionary new Tug Toner, guaranteed to make you lose inches the hard way.

9. The oh so fashionable Japanese underwear skirts that leave little to the imagination.

8. Because the "Real Housewives" wasn't trashy enough, we got a taste of Italy with "Mob Wives" and Big Ang.

7. Now that's a ballsy news story.

6. The hot dog hooker. Instead of just schlepping the basic hot dog and fry combo out of her food truck, she is willing to lick the relish off your wiener for a mere 50 bucks.

5. Octomom turns to porn to put food on the table for her brood.
4. The face eating Zombie from Florida who couldn't wait til the apocalypse on December 21st like the rest of the world. He had to ingest bath salts and get ahead of the curve back in June.
3. Gangnam Style. The dance craze that has rocked the world!
2. The tanning mom. She passed healthy glow a few sessions back, and now has a face to match her new leather handbag.
And the #1 wackiest event to hit the trailer park scene this year, HAS to go to:
1. Honey Boo Boo. You better redneckognize and pass the pork rinds and cheese balls. I need a dollar to make me holler baby!!!
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  1. OMG the tanning mom is an utter freak!
    And why is the Tug Tonner pic so small??? :)

  2. Blah to Honey Boo Boo, you and her have a love hate relationship it seems haha and ouch to the first one too.

  3. Deb! oh,yes i have vivid (wish it wasn't) memory of many of these wacky weirdos that have graced your posts. It is almost a review that you wished you didn't recall. hahaha.

    Yes, my Christmas was filled with my family and it so nice. That's the best part.

    I hope you had a nice Christmas!!!

  4. I'm now in pain and may never sit on a deck chair again.

  5. I think pink and phallus shaped was an unfortunate choice for the tug toner. Just saying.

  6. Oh the ball story, I am laughing so hard
    I have to admit the 50/50 ratio of "sweet family portrait" to "train wreck" ratio makes honey boo boo watchable

  7. and imagine how crazy 2013 will be