Friday, October 12, 2012

Wacky World Records

 Since it's the annual book fair again at Ry Guy's school, and every single year I buy him the latest edition of The Guinness Book of World Records, I thought I would share with you folks some of the wackiest world records hot off the press.

At 86 years old, Johanna Quaas of Germany shows why she still has that competitive edge to be the world's oldest gymnast. Looks like Granny can still bounce a quarter off that ass!

HOT DOG, no wonder this 7 pounder is the world's largest commercially available wiener. Head on over to Chicago, and shell out a mere $40 if you are jonesin' for a dog. Might wanna take some Rolaids with ya too.

"Welcome to the gun show" says Moustafa Ismail of Egypt who claims the title of the word's largest bicep.

Although Axel Rosales holds the world's record for the most facial piercings, I think he should open his own earring store. You could actually go shopping on his face. How convenient. Talk about keepin' overhead at a minimum!!!

Who knows what could get lost in those size 102ZZZ's Annie Hawkins-Turner carts around, but she proudly displays those world's largest natural breasts and has made quite a career for herself outta those "assets". 

Now there's a tall drink of water. Zeus, the great dane from Michigan, is the world's tallest dog.
Darlene Flynn may look like a hoarder, but she really owns 15,665 different shoe related items to capture the title of the largest collection. Yeppers, she puts Imelda Marcos to shame.

The tallest mohawk goes to this dude in Japan. So what kinda car do ya think he drives? Sure hope it's either a convertible or he has a sunroof so his hair can stick outta the top.

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  1. My kids love those record books, too. I can't handle looking at them, as half the photos make me cringe. Oh, the boobs. How? The piercing. Why?

    1. How would walk with those boobs? That's crazy!!!

  2. The world is a strange and often whacky place. Those giant boobs are plain scary. She's going to end up with back problems for sure.

  3. that last guy must hate the subway

  4. ha! Those are awesome, will admit I'm a bit jealous of the shoe lady...

  5. Oh my, just looking the those big boobs, makes my back ache. I wonder if some men, really find that attractive. I hope Child Protective service doesn't allow this lady to breast feed, she'd smoother her baby!

  6. Those boobs are just scary and the bicep guy looks deformed, how does the mohawk guy even get around? I guess to each their own.

  7. I wonder if granny still takes a dorkin?

  8. O i let out a gasp when the monster boobs appeared! pierced face was so creeeeeeepy. I have sat in a shoe chair like hers and they are comfortable, really.

    were you referring to the pink baby? he/she looks drunk? I think she is so cute ...but rather looks like a boy to me. huh? breast cancer is getting closer and closer to a cure, which is amazing.

    have a fabulous weekend, girlfriend!

  9. My back hurts just looking at those boobs. Wowza!

  10. Mohawk, schmohawk. He can't wear a John Deere baseball cap.

  11. She could carry out executions with those tits. Might be more humane than the gas chamber.

  12. OK, so to help get the weirded out feeling out my head on some of those. Love the dog and that granny. Ha, that can give some of us hope for a fraction of fitness. 86!!!

  13. those are some weird people, and can't even imagine what those boobs do to Annie's back :(