Thursday, October 4, 2012

Court of Public Opinion

While watching trashy entertainment news shows doing research for my blog, I learned a few juicy tidbits I thought I would share with you folks. Since I'm always quick to give my redneck opinion on everything, today, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on these earth shattering matters. Keep it real for me and hold nuthin' back.

Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo is claiming Dancing with the Stars is rigged. She says the producers call all of the shots and the votes don't really matter. Hope alleges that her former dance partner on the show Maksim Chmerkovskiy revealed to her how everything actually works. In her tell all book, the goalie says she and Maksim found out in a memo they were going to be sent home so Maksim caused some controversy to keep them around for a few more weeks. So, is this just sour grapes 'cause she lost, or do ya think the show is really fixed?

Reviewers are sayin' that Arnold Schwarzenegger's new memoir "Total Recall" should instead be titled "Selective Memory", for his failure to dig deep into the scandals surrounding his life. Instead, he paints a portrait of himself as a reasonable guy who scored amazing accomplishments, and made a few mistakes, none of which he chooses to discuss at length in the book. For example, he apparently justifies his affair with the maid and his steroid use. Do ya think the terminator and former governator should disclose all of his dirty little secrets in his memoir, or are some things best left unsaid?

Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are close to signing deals to co-host the X Factor. Are ya tired of seein' the Kardashians gettin' more and more exposure or do ya think Simon will nip that in the bud?

Honey Boo Boo and her family just got a major pay raise from their hit TV show. They were receiving between $5,000 and $7,000 per episode, but since TLC realized their series was a ratings smash, they are now reportedly rakin' in somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 per episode. The network is also payin' for a body guard for the family and a driver for Sugar Bear after his ATV accident. How do ya think the family will spend this new found fortune? Will they go on a trip of a life time to Dollywood, will they buy a double wide, or will they go whole hog and buy a life time supply of cheese balls and pork rinds? I was gonna give you folks the choice of saving for the kids' college funds, but considering their combined IQ is about 103, we all know that ain't gonna happen. And y'all KNEW I could not write a post with out voicing my redneck opinion!!!!
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  1. Damn, the dumb people always get the money. I can play dumb, maybe that's worth $20,000 haha I don't doubt that those reality shows are rigged either.

  2. I hope TLC Europe won't give us that atrocious show, it's enough that they brought TODDLERS AND TIARAS into my awareness :(
    All reality shows, awards and competitions are fixed.
    I'm so happy I don't have E! CHANNEL and thus no Kardashians :)

  3. Can I just say that I picked up Mr. Schwarzenegger's book expecting it to be the novelization of Total Recall, and there was not a single 3 boobed alien anywhere? (Well, except Maria Shriver, but she doesn't count)

    Also, was anyone else impressed that a guy who can barely speak English with any coherency was able to actually "write" a book?

  4. It's very frustrating that show's like Honey Boo Boo and Jersey Shore make thousands of dollars for bring white trash. It kinda pisses me off!

    1. I so agree with you. Television has become trash all the way around. There is very few thought provoking programs on anymore.

  5. "Tell all" books are complete crap. No one ever tells all. They tell the story they want people to hear, not the whole truth. Lastly, I would much rather Honey Boo Boo's family rake in the cash than those money grubbin Kardashians. The Boo Boos know how to have fun and laugh at themselves, unlike the spoiled brats with the sticks up their well-endowed butts.

  6. bbbhhhahhahhaha, and many giggles among your great quips!!!

    1. DWTS is fixed!
    2. Arnold is scum with a scummier publicist.
    3. Kardashians - i feel the gag in my throat -
    4. the Boo Boo clan will wash thru that cash so fast you'll wonder where the tv remote is?

  7. I figure all reality TV is about as real as wrestling.

    I don't find Arnold interesting enough to read an entire book about his life even if he did tell all on his asshat moments.

    Why exactly are the Kardashians such a big deal?

    A pay increase for Honey Boo Boo? For sure that child's going to wind up diabetic.

  8. Will they buy a double-wide? Looks like they already have one. And she's sitting on the front step. Oh, my, that was unkind.
    Think I'll go hug a puppy.

  9. I still haven't seen Honey Boo Boo. Or Dancing with the Stars for that matter. But I might read Arnold's book.

  10. Oh, it makes me so sad that people are watching Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians. So sad.

  11. I'm waiting on you to rip on Jason Aldeans cheatin ass.

    June Boo Boo is spending her share on socks. Lots and lots of ankle socks.

  12. Hello I am visiting from the weekend blog walk and I love your blog. I can see we think a like in a lot of ways. I am your newest follower.

  13. Stopping by from the "Weekend Blog Walk" - new follower :)