Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miley's Multipersonalities

WHOA folks, I know  us girls have the prerogative to change our minds, but in Miley Cyrus' case, she has changed her look more times in her 20 short years of livin', than most of us do in an entire lifetime. Perhaps that is one of the advantages of being a megastar, or maybe that is just one step away from layin' on the ol' shrink's couch with a multi-personality disorder. Anybody old enough to remember the movie Sybil about the crazy chick with 13 different personalities? Woo Wee, take a gander at some of Miley's looks over the past few years and come to your own conclusion as to whether this gal might or might not have a few of Sybil's tendencies. There she is as a teen queen with her alter ego Hannah Montana.

A more grown up version of the Disney Princess.
The Playboy Bunny.
The 1960's Glam look.
Peter Pan Punk.
Personally, I would like to see all of these multi-personalities go head to head in a mud wrestling match. My money would be on the Playboy Bunny, 'cause the look in her eyes just screams bad ass!!! She could probably whip all of them bitches back into sanity and come up with one entirely new and improved Miley. That new Peter Pan Punk might look all edgy, but I'm tellin' ya folks, Miley's hot fiance Liam just might tell her she needs to fly on back to Neverland. Seriously, who wants to date an adolescent boy when they could have a centerfold?????? 
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  1. As a psychologist I feel sorry for the child, because it is obvious she has trouble building up a grown up image having in mind that she pretty much spent her childhood in the public eye. I would like to hug her and give her help and support.
    I'm glad that she at least has a strong relationship with Liam Hunksworth.

  2. I think someone forgot to tell her she's supposed to wear a shirt under that jacket. Maybe it just slipped her mind?

  3. Yeah she seems to slowly be going to the darkside or already there, that last look is pathetic.

  4. she's changed a lot. I didn't even see her in the last 2 forms.

  5. The Peter Pan look might work well if she enjoys butt-sex, but the Playboy Bunny would be the better option for milking men's assets.

  6. i'd definitely pay to see the personalities mud wrestle!

  7. hi Deb! I've been MIA. (explanation on my post)

    as for Miley Siren's new look(s) - we have already had Mia Farrow.

    as for me and my house, we haven't really ever got much from her. seems as tho she is grasping at straws?

  8. Funny post. I thought the peter pan pic was Justin beiber gone wrong. Really. I really thought that at first.

  9. Ewwww - I do not like that last photo. What was she thinking?