Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby, OH Baby

WHOO WEE, folks sure are goin' nutso over the snapshot Jessica Simpson showed on Katie Couric's talk show on Tuesday of her 4 month old daughter Maxwell, wearing an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, homemade, yellow bikini. Ms. Simpson has been blasted all over the social media sites. Critics on Twitter had this to say:

One wrote: “Jessica Simpson posts a photo of her 4-month-old baby in a BIKINI – wrong wrong wrong.”
Another added: “A baby in a bikini?! Dear God, some people are just wrong!”
A third wrote: “I just saw the most ridiculously posed photo of Jessica Simpson’s baby in a bikini. Just awful. Poor poppet.”

And if that isn't enough, a spokesperson for the British child welfare charity named Kidscape says it is very disturbing to see a young baby wearing a bikini, and that baby bikinis contribute to the sexualization and commercialization of childhood.

Uh, excuse me, but the kid has a mohawk folks. Now THAT is freakin' disturbing!!!!! I'm tellin' ya people, one day things look all sweet and innocent:

But Ms. Simpson is gonna close her eyes and her baby girl just might grow up and decide to take a walk on the wild side:

Take control NOW Jessica before it's too late. Hide the electric razor and the hair gel!!!! Trust me, I got 2 teenagers of my own.

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  1. God forbid. If the baby didn't have a top on she would look like ALLLLLLL the othe freakin babies in the world. Nothing on but a damn diaper. Shit.

  2. Some people just need to get a life, she's a ditz anyway, what do they expect? and it's not like the kid knows what she has one.

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't she stinking rich? Why on earth is she making that poor child wear a home made bikini? I have a picture of me at the same age wearing a pink ruffled bikini (it WAS the seventies), but at least my mother didn't make me wear some crappy home made one!

  4. What's the problem? Babies are used to being photographed naked, so a bikini make them more decent than usual. That hairstyle is a called a Tintin.

  5. How many times do you think that dummy changed a diaper and put it over the baby's head before someone said, "Uh Jessica the diaper goes on the other end."

  6. What do I say to this?

    Jessica Simpson is a (i don't know) -------------------. (You fill in the blanks)

    The baby is cute but ya, why the bikini?
    oh ...shock factor! oh

  7. I don't see it as bikini, don't most of the little girls wear two part costumes at the beach too? Only sick minds would see something sick in it.
    It's a cute baby and a cute mom.

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    1. Well I can't say I'm surprised. But I also want to say that people care too much about celebrities' children. People magazine gives mega bucks just for a shot of a newborn.

  9. Deb, the chair in my post is cut metal but sandblasted to remove any paint and then left to rust or was coated with something to rust it out, i think. that's how it looked. the seat is cut so like rain or snow would fall thru it.

  10. A baby in a bikini? Golly, I don't think that's so bad. And not just because I don't give a tinker's fart how celebrities dress their kids.
    Now, as far as that Coppertone kid getting her drawers pulled down by that dog....