Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe, 3, 4, Hair No More

Welcome to another edition of Wacky Wednesday folks!!!! When I saw this picture from China of these quadruplets' haircuts on their first day of school, I must admit that I peed my pants a bit. Their mother shaved numbers on their heads, according to their birth order, so it would make it easier for teachers and classmates to tell them apart. If this doesn't give those kids a complex, I don't know what will folks. However, ya gotta give Mom credit for a steady hand 'cause those numbers look purty damn good!!! So I decided to write a little rhyme for these young'uns based on their newly shorn locks:

Hey kid number one
You look like lots of fun.
Number one is the best!
You stand out from all the rest.
Plus you don't have to wear those stupid suspenders to keep your pants up.
WHOO HOO, I'll raise a big toast to you on that with my sippy cup.
Hey kid number two
Whatcha gonna do?
You second in line dude.
Look at you chowin' down on that food!
Sucks not to be number one I know.
But dude ya just gotta go with the flow.
Hey kid number three
You should go climb a tree.
'Cause you look bored as hell.
Why don't you give out a big ol' yell.
Ya gotta make your mark somewhere in life.
Pickin' your nails just causes ya strife.
Hey kid number fo',
Bro! you ain't got swag no mo'.
Must be 'cause you last in the peckin' order.
Maybe you should just run south of the border.
Pick up your head and be proud of who you be.
Smile for the camera and the whole world to see!
Story: Here

At Home Take 2


  1. haha really described them well
    And the rhyming was swell
    Just watch that sippy cup
    The straw may get licked by a pup
    Or number four
    As he take the south of the border tour
    He looked like the type
    To cause a backwash gripe

  2. Apparently, even in China, they all look the same to each other, hahaha.

  3. Love those haircuts!

    And are you from Wilmington Delaware or NC? If you're in Delaware I'm very close to you in West Chester, Pa.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog and I'm a new follower. I live in Wilmington, NC now but I know West Chester, PA. Philly is one of my favorite places on earth. I'm originally from York, PA.

    2. I love your blog too! I went back and read a bunch of posts. We have similar senses of humor. And york huh? Nice.

    3. Philly's okay. Come for the cheesesteaks, stay for the Eagles.
      Although the Liberty Bell ain't all it's cracked up to be.
      And I KNOW that can't possibly be original.

  4. These po' kids. Shirts with names would have worked. Or maybe they all have the same name and the 1,2,3,& 4 attached to their names. who knows?

    Me and my Utah mountains invite you here to enjoy! Come on over!!!

    (you could link your post to mine today - Picture Poetry - ) :D

  5. " If you're not first, you're last" ???

  6. That is just too funny! Your poem was perfect. :)

  7. you are fine! warped and wacky or not! thank you for linking!!!

  8. Im glad my parents never did that to me and my brothers

  9. poor kids, and I hear they are literally poor :(

  10. As a mother of multiples, I tip my hat to the ingenuity of this woman. And also to your mad poetic skillz, of course.

    -Sue from

  11. That is really clever, and funny!!

  12. I guess they haven't had Math class yet. Because they're not in numerical order.
    Unless they're transfers from a Mississippi school district.

  13. HA! Very clever.
    I am wondering why she just didn't pin a name tag on them. Seems extreme to shave their heads with a goofy number.

  14. Hello from The TT Diaries I am your newest fan from the weekend blog hop. I have twin girls who everyone has always had a really hard time telling apart and we used to joke about getting their names tattooed on their heads so people could tell the difference HAHA. But I guess the haircut would do.