Friday, August 31, 2012

We are #1, YEA, We are #1

YEE HAH, college football officially kicked off last night and I am so pumped 'cause this is my favorite season of the year. LET'S GOOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!! This year brings so much more excitement for my Mountaineers, not only because we have joined the Big 12, but because WVU has once again been named the #1 party school in the nation. YEA BUDDY!!!! We Mountaineer fans take this honor very seriously.

So, finally after 5 LONG years West Virginia claims the top spot again on the Princeton Review. Although WVU has been ranked in the top 20 party schools 12 times in the 21 years since the survey has been published, it sure is nice to be #1 again baby. Oh yea and the powerhouse academic institution that my Alma Mater is also ranked #1 in the "lots of beer" category. Who wouldn't be proud of that distinction? I mean any college that has a drive thru beer mart close to campus just freakin' rocks!!!

Now when I went away to college at the tender age of 17, I was an out of state student coming from a strict Pennsylvania Dutch background. I showed up at freshman orientation, while I was still in high school, and immediately noticed quite a few differences from where I came from. For instance every club and organization was set up to entice the incoming students to join, and lemme tell ya, they weren't servin' soda at those booths. There was a bar in the basement of my freshman dorm, and of course a more rockin' full bar at the student union. The whole Greek life with nightly keg parties was like somethin' straight outta the movie "Animal House". And if ya didn't start tailgaitin' about 9am for a noon football game, you were a serious loser. Hhhhhmmm, I thought I'm really gonna like this place and my liver adapted quickly!!!!

Pretty much any night of the week, some place in Morgantown was hosting a "ladies night", which meant drink specials for the girls and lots of guys hangin' out at the joint hopin' to get lucky. Obviously a win/win situation.  But back in the day, the area of town for a cheap drunk was called Sunnyside. There were blocks of sleazy bars right beside each other where you could literally walk outta one, and stumble into another. The biggest challenge of the night was to walk a straight line at the end of the evening so the law dogs didn't herd you into the paddy wagon and take you to the drunk tank. I am proud to say I never ended up in the paddy wagon during my tenure at WVU. WHOO HOO!!!!

So no matter how my Mountaineers fare on the football field this year, one thang is for damn sure, my school beat your school's ass in the partying department!!!!

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  1. I had so many friends of Facebook getting excited over the South Carolina game.

  2. I'm holding out on following a sport until they bring Quidditch to the professional arena.

    Either that or Texas Hold'em.

  3. Yeah I know nothing about football much, but partying that I can do haha

  4. I love it! I posted yesterday about college football. My Tennessee stuff isn't as nice as your.....wv jeans and bikini.

  5. I am a PSU alum...well see what happens this week..
    college football is definitely fun!!!

  6. West Vagina has never played Alabama. :P USC is number one and we are number t2o.

  7. Good to see the pride in the strengths of your school doesn't diminish in the years since your graduation. Feel the same way about my school: ZooMass, I mean UMass. Loved it, partied like crazy, no way my kids are going there!