Friday, August 10, 2012

The Doppelganger

Oh my dear blogging friends how I have missed you while I was gone!!! The train wreck story that is my parents' saga will have to wait for another post, or perhaps a book, 'cause there ain't enough space to even begin to tell ya their entire mess. But while I was vising the 'rents, my dear friend Mindy who I have known for about 40 years, took me out for Sunday brunch 'cause she knew I needed a break. We drove down to Fell's Point, Md, which is a hot, trendy spot near Baltimore's Inner Harbor. First stop was the WaterFront Hotel where you can pay $10 for all you can drink. UH YEAH, that was a no brainer 'cause after the hell I had been going through the past few days, those people lost money on me. Look at the size of our Debosas. Obviously I was making them incorrectly all of these years by serving them in a champagne glass. WHO KNEW??????

 So, after filling up on brunch and several Debosas, we decided to try a new venue. We walked down the street and saw this interesting bar called, "The Horse You Rode In On". Check out the cool saddles for bar stools. We were the first customers in the joint and I almost fell off my saddle when I saw the bar tender.

Her name is Big Vic and she is in the middle of Mindy and I. Now I am the first to admit that I watch some seriously trashy TV. I LOVE me some Mob Wives 'cause them bitches can fight and cuss like no body's business. Forget that wimpy Real Housewives crap. You wanna see real drama, tune in to Mob Wives!! Well, on the original Mob Wives there was this character named Big Ang, who had quite a unique look to say the least, and she owned a bar on Staten Island. And, as luck would have it, Big Ang now has her own reality show. Believe me, you haven't lived until you watch Big Ang get a colonic!!!

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think another human being could look like Big Ang. She is truly an original. But, I actually met Big Vic and I'm here to tell ya folks she is a dead ringer for Big Ang. Big Vic even told us that other people have commented and told her that she looks like Big Ang. Her voice has the same husky tone, her body type is the same, the way she holds her cigarette in her mouth while she's pouring drinks is the same, and she even calls you "honey" or "sugar" just like Big Ang. It is truly an amazing phenomenon.

There's Big Ang in all her glory. Yes, I realize the hair is quite different, but if you have ever seen Big Ang's reality show, and saw Big Vic in person, you would know for certain there is a doppelganger for everyone. Big Vic even admitted her boobs used to be that same size but she had them reduced. What a pity!! The only difference is that Big Vic told us she does NOT like Mobsters, while the opening credits to Big Ang's reality show have her saying, "I like the wise guys". Oh well, even identical twins have a couple of personality differences.

One thang is for damn sure, if you are EVAH in the Baltimore area, it will be worth your while to visit Big Vic 'cause she's highly entertaining and she makes a mean drink. Ya can't beat the homemade flavored Jack Daniels she makes in the alley behind the bar that she swears "is legal". And like she says, "she's givin' Big Ang some serious competition". I must say I gotta agree.

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  1. The first thing I saw were the juggs. On the second gal that is, after yours I mean. I only remember boobs now.

  2. Well I'm sure if she "swears" it's legal then it prob is, right?

  3. As if the world needed 2... at least she was a character worth remembering on your trip!

  4. Big Ang always scares me, make her go away, make her go away :)

  5. Has it been a vacation already for you? How time flies! The Inner Harbor at Bawlimaw is a great time. Especially after watching the Orioles get beat (although not so much this year).
    The Debosas remind me of an All-You-Can-Drink Mimosa brunch at the Best Western in Jacksonville, Florida wayyyyyyy back in 1987.
    Brunch came and went and started to bump up against dinner. But, we won, I guess.
    All those mimosas lead to quite the spectacle at a mobile home swimming pool.
    But, that's another story for another day...
    Glad to see you're back.

  6. I'm fairly close to Baltimore. Where is that place? Sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. It was right on the main drag in Fell's Point along the waterway. You can't miss it!!!

  7. Oh how I have missssssed you! Pleasant surprise to see you on a Friday afternoon! Your expression in these pics is hilarious - good times were had by all - comes to mind. lol

    Bama Tav comments are hilarious, too!


  8. Welcome back...good survival techniques all in worked and your are back to prove it.