Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome Aboard Walmart Airlines

I know I just posted a bunch of crazy pictures yesterday, which is not my typical blog style. But my awesome friend Hot Tamale, sent these photos to me about Walmart shoppers who have taken to the friendly skies. I seriously could not resist sharing them with you today because I wet my pants a wee bit. Hope you get a chuckle as well.

At least someone is comfy.

Which body part is not like the others?

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Did someone say free refills?

Those shoes are not a good choice for traveling.

Even skeletons deserve a vacation!


  1. ok Deb, that was frightening fun. The one in the heels, esp! Be sure and re-post these on Halloween!

    Thank you for your kind words this morning on my nice, oh, so nice!

  2. OMG that last man looks like Death itself, but I won't joke about it since he might be ill or something and that's why he looks like that.
    But that pink clad lass is a superhero :)

  3. Is the woman in pink trying to give her coochie a suntan?

  4. I'm not sure which I find more disturbing at the moment...grandma's headlights a'shinin or pro-pops.

  5. But why does the retired stripper have granny hair??? She even has ripped jeans...but granny hair!

  6. LMFAO!!! That granny was the worst one. Now I'm going to have nightmareeeessss!!! hahaha

  7. Oh, it is way too late to be laughing this hard!

  8. Hey, most of them brought their own flotation devices.
    Except the skeleton and the dude in heels.
    They're on their own.

  9. OMG... The bewbs on that lady in the wheel chair are quite impressive, lol. Thanks, now I know what I will be nightmaring about tonight!

  10. hahahaha - I know I'm late seeing this post (I'm trying to catch up in Google reader) but this is so funny. What the heck is wrong with people??

  11. Oh dear God I love these pictures!

  12. Not too funny if one of these pics were of you or someone you care for! Damned close to CYBER BULLYING!

    1. The bad thing about blogs or emails is that they can be taken out of context. I meant my last post as more of a heads up. Please let me reiterate myself. I too have forwarded what I thought was funny onto others.
      I know one of these women in one the pics and you couldn't find a sweeter, kind person that goes out of her way to help others. I'm hoping this pic doesn't get to her.
      Reality has hit me and will no longer forward pics of un suspecting people.