Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Wisecrack

There once was an old couple who had been married for thirty years.

Every morning the old boy would wake up and give off an enormous fart, much to his long suffering wife's annoyance.

"You'll fart your guts out one of these days," she always complained.

After a particularly bad week the wife decided to have her revenge and got up early, placing some turkey giblets in the bed next to the old boy's arse.

While making breakfast downstairs she heard his usual morning fart reverberate through the floorboards followed by a scream.

Twenty minutes later a rather shaken man came downstairs.

"You was right all along Missus," the old man says, "I finally did fart my guts out, but by the grace of God, and these two fingers, I managed to push 'em back in!"

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  1. LMAO I hope he washed those two fingers real well

  2. b laaaahhhhh hey you won! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! you should have fun with it:)

  3. Laughed my arse off with this one! Thanks for the morning laugh!

  4. Ooooowh..Hahahahah. What courage in the face of certain death.

  5. THanks for the warning!

    Cranky Old Man

  6. ok - that made me completely slap my mouth shut as I read the PUNCHLINE! punched me in the gut.... lol

    thank you for your compliment of me 'being creative!' i try.

  7. I've seen this joke several times, but it's still funny as hell!

  8. Omg...ewwww!!!!! What happens when you shove turkey guts up your butt?? I don't want to know... lol

  9. Bahahaha! Except for the gibblets in the bed part, you just described my marriage.