Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend Wisecrack

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to Camp Cheerio we go!!!

Camp Cheerio is my boys' favorite place to go in the summer. Unfortunately, my 16 year old has aged out this year after attending for 8 years. Ry Guy loves this place so much he wrote a poem about it for this year's Young Authors' contest and won 1st place at his school competition and also won at the county level. Here it is for you to enjoy:

The Charm Of Cheerio
In the mountains of North Carolina there is a camp called Cheerio.
It is the place that every year I yearn to go.
Camp Cheerio is the all time favorite North Carolina treasure to me.
Nestled in Roaring Gap, there are mountains as far as you can see.
Staying for two weeks is really the only way to go
Believe me, the time certainly will not go slow.
The activities are many, including archery, riflery, horseback riding and climbing too,
Not to mention kayaking, hiking, fishing and Lego's to name a few.
Set in the middle of camp is a shimmering lake,
If you hear the story of Bootsie, that's to whom you might wake.
The pool and lake slide are really cool,
and if you are brave enough to do the zip line you really rule.
Our cabins are separated by ages
And the counselors work hard to earn their wages.
Meal time is social hour, and the food is mighty fine,
The meatball sub tastes especially divine.
And the fun doesn't end at the close of the day,
At night we play things like Thrive, Carnival and Predator Prey.
When its lights out and time to go to bed
You are so tired, you will be glad to lay down your head.
I look forward to going to Camp Cheerio every single year.
It is the one place I hold in my heart very near and dear.


  1. Oh, I love that poetry. Well descriptive of his camping love. PS I was once a camp counselor. Haahah brings back thought of the campers.

  2. Your poor 16 yr old...maybe he can be a cabin leader!

  3. He did a great job with this poem! Looks like he'll be a great camp leader!

  4. I am impressed! Ry-guy has your gift. Apple dont fall far from the tree :D

  5. Very good job Ry Guy, that's good stuff. Sounds like an awesome place and thank you Keep'n it real for your kind words :)

  6. Aww. You should write a poem about being kid-free for two weeks every year!

  7. Wow that is impressive! The poem definitely reminded me of the my summer-camp days.

  8. The songs I have heard the beginning of the literature. Your story reminds me a poet, and Remy de Gourmont. Very nice to invite me.