Friday, July 27, 2012

Stars: They Are Just Like Us!

OH MY GAWD folks, I saw these photos in my beloved People magazine, and I just had to spread the joy 'cause I have been laughing my ass off at the ingenuity of these pictures, and thought you might get a kick outta them as well. New York artist Danny Evans superimposes the faces of celebrities onto average Joes and then Photoshops the pics to come up with these creative masterpieces. I had that same exact hairstyle as Angelina Jolie back in the 80's, but somehow she can even rock that perm and those hairsprayed bangs better than anyone else on the planet. And doesn't Brad look like he belongs on a bowling league somewhere in the Midwest?

  Shockingly, Mr. Evans managed to make Madonna appear even scarier than in real life.

The ultra cool Jay-Z and Beyonce as total geeks.

You just KNOW Maniston Jennifer Aniston is hatin' this!!!

 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as mere mortals.

The Kardashian Klan before they became famous for being....... ??????? Uh yea, what IS their claim to fame anyway?

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  1. Oh my lord. This was great. I have nothing else to add other than thank you so much. The end.

  2. That picture of Madonna:
    "Madonna Louise Ciccone: Crazy Cat Lady of Paterson, New Jersey, arrested this morning for flicking cigarettes at transit cops."

  3. Ha! I'm barfing on the Madonna photo and girl that big hair, so glad it's a thing of the past (for now). Poor rob wouldn't last as a mortal, lmao. Awful!

  4. I've seen Madonna without Photoshop, and she's the scariest person ever! Both mentally and physically.
    Just look at her arms and face:

  5. LMAO never knew Madonna could get scarier, oh I cringed at some of them haha

  6. BWAHAHAHA!!!!! That's awesome...reminds me of my friends 30th bday that i did all the photoshop to! lol LOVE IT!

  7. Hooaleyahhlelekkehahhhdeeeeeee. what a find!

  8. oh my gosh - so hilarious! hahahahahaha.

  9. Oh, you just know those stars are going to ask their managers about whether they can take out a hit on this guy! Hilarious!

  10. I read but didn't have a moment to comment til now - but it stuck in my head. I saw a display thingy at a store that had Beyonce on it and immediately thought of how she looked in this post. .... interesting ....

  11. Just a great way to start my morning :D Thank you for the laughs!

    {Sugar in My Grits}

  12. LOL LOL, Brady looks soo stressed! ha ha ha
    The Kardashians look like some old salesladies in a convenience store in some deserted place like in some classic movie 'Tremors'
    Jennifer looks like some super stressed momma with 6 ADHD kids ha ha ha
    and Robert Patinson.. mm he looks like a 40 year -old -fat- lawyer - with - no- time- for- his- wife who looks still hot at 40 too and tries to hook for younger guys while hubs is out in the lawfirm.. ;-) LOL LOL LOL