Friday, June 22, 2012

Sticky Shizz

So an unidentified woman using the restroom at a Monticello, Kentucky Walmart found herself superglued to the toilet seat and was trapped for at least an hour. Paramedics were called to the scene to remove her from the seat. Police are investigating the incident to try to determine whether this was an accident or intentional. Talk about some sticky shizz!!!!!

First of all, guess her Momma never taught her to squat over a public toilet seat and to NEVAH sit her bare hiney on one of those germ infested places. Use your thigh muscles girl and squat. Over time your rock hard quads will thank you. Plus, those paper seat covers ain't there just for decoration. If you gotta do #2, USE THEM!!!! You don't need to be gettin' the creepy crawlies just 'cause you a lazy fool.

 However, being the cynic that I am, I think this was an intentional act done by the victim herself. Super Glue dries purty darn fast and wouldn't work if someone else placed it on the seat just waiting for an unsuspecting soul. And, how in the hell did her butt get stuck so completely that paramedics had to remove her? What a cry for attention!!!! Personally, I can't imagine emergency personnel having to pry my old wrinkly ass off a Walmart toilet, but maybe she's got buns of steel and wanted to show off her assets!!! Somehow I kinda doubt that though bein' that she chose Walmart as her "stage".  MY GAWD, how would you like that to be your claim to fame?

So what do you think folks? Was the woman a victim or the perpetrator?

Story: Here
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  1. No, she couldn't have done that to herself on purpose. Maybe it was an accident - she sounds dumb enough.

  2. Perp! Definitely the perp! But, let me tell you before I settled into reading this I was cracking up at that picture of miss constipation sitting there. LOL LOL LOL

  3. I bet she did it herself too. Everyone knows to clean off toilet seats in public restrooms using paper towels and the anti-bacterial soap before using them. And then just praying that was enough.

    That chick on the toilet is hawt.


  4. I was thinking it was a prank but you made a good point it would dry too fast. Maybe she was an exhibitionist who gets off by showing off what shes got. Who knows...crazy.

  5. That's a good point! Maybe she was setting it up, but then lost focus when she suddenly had the tummy rumbles?

  6. Wow, you should send a link to this post to the Monticello police. The insta-dry idea didn't even occur to me!

    And by the way, even if it was a prank, I can hardly feel sorry for her...I mean who actually sits on the toilet seat at Walmart of all places???