Monday, June 25, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches- Here Comes Debby!!

Living here on the coast of southeastern North Cackalacky, we always have to keep our eye on the tropical storms, depressions and eventual hurricanes threatening our area just in case of an evacuation. Folks, I'm here to tell ya to batten down the hatches 'cause the latest one is named Debby, and them Debbys can be real bitches!!! Yeppers, if there's one person in this world you don't wanna mess around with, it's a chick named Debby. If you don't believe that, just ask any of the poor fellas who have to live with me.

Now I don't know what kinda image you have of a gal named Debbie, but most of us are not like the sweet, little innocent girl you see portrayed on the front of those delicious snack cakes. OH NO my friends!!!!! I did some research before writing this post and asked a bunch of chicks I know named Debbie, Deb, Deborah, Debra etc. what words they would use to describe themselves. Here are some of the answers I received: spunky, creative, downright bitchy, unforgettable, kind, feisty, funny, compassionate, smart, loud, obnoxious, goes for the gusto, a born leader, strong and kick ass. Overwhelmingly, these "Debbys" warned that if you ever piss them off, you will certainly regret it til your dying day. Hate to be a Debbie Downer on that last one folks, but just keepin' it real for ya.

Personally I have always despised the name Debbie. My mother calls me that when she's disappointed in me. Maybe it's just the way she enunciates the word, but when I hear someone say that name, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I prefer the name Deb. In fact, lots of my friends call me by my first and last name- "Deb Church". It rolls off the tongue quite nicely I must say. However, the name Deb is a mere derivative of "Debby", and I fully concur with the descriptors listed above for the other cool women blessed with this name.

Don't misunderstand me here. Of course I hope tropical storm Debby doesn't cause massive destruction, but I am worried about her knowing the potential she has given her name. I just hope she lives up to her namesake and makes some sort of an impact ya know. The worst impression of all, is if she fizzles out and only becomes a blip on the radar screen, 'cause that ain't like no Debby I ever met before. She's gotta at least do something spectacular before she blows out to sea.

Funny thing is, the storm did come by way of Texas, and like my friend Thom pointed out, ya just gotta beware of any Debbie comin' via Dallas.  Perhaps for my hurricane party I'll rent me a copy of that famous X-rated movie, stock up on my favorite Debosas, and give a big shout out to my kindred spirit Debby. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

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  1. It may come this way in the latter part of the week, well, work it's way up this far. I have been through countless tropical storms and hurricanes when I lived in Pensacola, can be fun and destructive.

  2. Odd, the only Deb I know is a kind-hearted, heavenly woman who's never let a single curse worse pass her virginal lips.

    Just kidding. She drinks, she smokes, and she loves telling people that she's a huge bitch.

  3. Debbie Reynolds was a real show-off according to her daughter, but I don't believe all Debbies are hoochies like that gal in Dallas.

  4. I my aunt is named Debbie which I can stand if it's pronounced like DEB-BEE instead of DIB-BEE.

    1. My aunt is named Debbie* sorry for the typo

  5. Thanks for your comment - I can always count on you to be my first comment o-the-day which I sincerely appreciate. I'm excited for my new and improved site. I love your sense of humor, or irony or whatever it is. I must read you everyday or I'm just not alive..... (hug)

  6. I've never met a Debbie or a Deb in my life. Maybe the name went out of fashion in Gen Y. Along with Susan and Jill, isn't tjat weird? These days, everyone is called J-Zee and Lauren and Bitchtits.

  7. My mom's close friend and neighbor is named Debbie. We were cracking up all day yesterday screaming hurricaneee Debbieee. lol

  8. I'm glad you didn't include "Debbie Downer" from SNL!