Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Movie Hero!!!

Forget about any of those pumped up superheros in The Avengers folks, cause I found me a real live movie hero in Seattle. The kind of guy who ain't afraid to tell you to shut your mouth, and if you don't listen, he's gonna open up a can of whoop ass on ya. Yeppers, that's my kind of dude alright!!!

Yong Hyun Kim was enjoying "Titanic" 3-D with his girlfriend when he asked the people behind him to quiet down and stop throwing popcorn. They started laughing at him, and Mr. Kim took a swing at one of the offenders, knocking out his tooth and bloodying his nose. Turns out the "noisemaker" was only 10 years old. Minor detail. But hey, next time an adult asks that kid to shut up, do ya think he'll listen????? Sure hope the tooth fairy left somethin' a little extra under that kid's pillow though. At least he can say he won somethin' in the prize fight.

Now we all have some pet peeves, but I have quite a few when it comes to going to the movies. Indulge me a little bit here folks while I rant. Since we are heading into Memorial Day weekend, I thought many of you might be hittin' the theatres and could relate to my ranting and raving.

1. The 6 ft. 8 in. gargantuan who sits directly in front of me when there are plenty of other seats available.

2. The ass clown who not only leaves their cell phone turned on, but insists on taking a call when it rings to the likes of "Ice Ice Baby".

3. The hyperactive, sugar buzzed person sitting behind me whose foot can't stop shaking and kicking the back of my chair at 55 miles an hour.

4. The inconsiderate parent who brings their 3 month old crying, fussy infant to the theatre. If you can afford to go to a movie, you can afford a babysitter.

5. The soda slurper who acts like they are dying of thirst and thinks there just HAS to be one more drop of liquid at the bottom of their cup.

6. The annoying commenter who feels the need to interject their opinion about every detail of the movie.

7. The non-multitasker who can't figure out how to do everything in one trip to the concession stand, and instead walks back and forth through my aisle several times during a 2 hour movie.

Okey dokey, so there ya have it folks. At least I now have a cure for my pet peeves. Next time I go to the theatre I'm callin' up my movie hero Mr. Kim and askin' him to be my date. He ain't takin' no shit from nobody, and I'm lookin' forward to seein' him whip out some Kung Fu moves on the gargantuan. HIIII YAHHHHH!!!!

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  1. I want to go to the movies with you!

  2. Ouch, that guy better hope that kids parents don't have a fit. Beating up a 10 year old isn't exactly the most heroic thing I've heard lol. Whenever I go to the movies I always get a #3 behind me, but it goes good with the action movies, its like a free upgrade to one of those rides/movies with the moving seats.

  3. Was the 10yo alone? Why couldn't the parents keep him in line? It's called PARENTING.

    My movie peeves are very similar to yours. I'd like to add:

    1. The kids who sit either in front of you, next to you, or behind you and whisper back and forth the entire time like no one else can hear them. Dude. We CAN hear you.

    2. Old people, where one of them is too deaf to actually hear the movie, so the spouse has to reiterate the entire fucking script.

    3. The people who wait to open their box of butterfingers or nestle crunch bites until half-way through the movie. At least have the fucking decency to remove the cellophane BEFORE the movie starts.

  4. YES, I saw this article yesterday and immediately sent it to my wife. This guy is totally a hero, and this is why I think the police are ridiculous sometimes, because these kids sound like they really deserved it. And you know what, the theater said he should have just tracked down a worker and reported it to them. Puh-lease. If you go out to the ushers and tell them kids are being noisy, they just walk in, ask, "Hey you kids, keep it down, alright?" and then the 10 year olds just laugh and go back to being assholes. Fuck that. I'd have punched 'em out too.

    ...I just probably wouldn't have stuck around for when the police showed up.

  5. I don't make it to many movies, primarily because the concession stand doesn't serve CC, but when I do go I really hate it if peoples phones are ringing, some douche plants his head between me and the screen or people are hollering from the back row all the way down to remind their buddy they want skittles.

  6. I hate going to an overcrowded movie. Everyone dumb fool shows up and they always ruin it.

  7. We got a drunk girl kicked out of the Hunger Games premiere because she kept "woo"ing when it was still about two hours before the movie started. I was tempted to do a slow fist clench and hiss, "Justiceeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

  8. #3... guilty. I try not to actually kick the chair.
    #2... my ringtone though Ice Ice Baby, is almost never on.

    I usually deal with the talkers by quietly indicating that I can hear them. If that doesn't work, normally something like "HEY! I THINK IT'S GREAT THAT YOU'RE GAY, BUT CAN YOU WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE MOVIE TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET TO YOUR FRIEND!"

    This usually silences them, or gets everyone else in the theater to go "SHHHHHHH"


  9. Mr Kim sounds like my kinda guy also. That's awesome. Sucks for the now toofless kid, but whatevs. Bet he won't do that again!! In that one guys defense, how could you NOT answer a call when it's ringing Ice Ice Baby! lols