Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

Hey, it's Wacky Wednesday time again folks. Have you heard of this wacky story about some lady finding a $1 million lottery ticket in a trash can but she now may have to give the prize money back? What the hell???? Somebody needs to go back to first grade and learn that little ol' rhyme, "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers". Uh Huh, that's what I'm talkin' about.

So a woman named Sharon Jones routinely plucked discarded lottery tickets out of trash cans to redeem for secondary prizes. This particular lottery ticket was a scratch off that had been thrown away by another woman named Sharon Duncan after a lottery machine incorrectly told her it was a loser. So Mrs. Jones finds the ticket, cashes it in for the big bucks, and has already spent about $190,000 of the prize money. However, a judge has basically ruled, that Ms. Duncan may have thrown away the paper lottery ticket itself, but she did not throw away her claim to the winnings attached to it. Hogwash!!! That's like going to a yard sale, buying a piece of crap, and finding out later that it's worth a fortune. The people having the sale gave up their rights to the item, and the buyer should reap the benefits. Finders Keepers!

There's Mr. and Mrs. Jones in front of their brand new pick up truck that they bought with some of their lottery winnings. WHOO HOO!!!! I do love me a good ol' pick up!!! Quite practical indeed. The Jones also gave their children a total of $80,000 and gave $10,000 to a cousin whose child has Down's Syndrome. I would open up a can of whoop ass on the person who told me I needed to return all of that money, and my brand spankin' new pick up would be chasin' that sorry bastard around town til he started wavin' the white flag, looked me in the eye and agreed with me, "Finders Keepers".  

Seriously folks, you can think of all kinds of examples in your own life where this lesson has come into play. What about the ultra cool toy that was abandoned on the playground that your parents couldn't afford but you JUST couldn't live without? Finders Keepers! Oh and the cute, cuddly stray kitten that had been coming to your backdoor every day for two weeks. Finders Keepers! How about that hot babe in college that some fool set free and became your main squeeze? Finders Keepers! Let's not forget your husband's shiny new platinum Mastercard that was just beggin' to be used when it fell out of his wallet. Finders Keepers! The only thing that falls under this rule that you may find that you definitely don't want to keep is a nasty STD. Yeppers, you in a heap of trouble if you find and keep some herpes. 

I guess I must have taught my kids this lesson since they were knee high to a boll weevil. Twelve year old Ry Guy is the luckiest kid in the world when it comes to finding money. He finds coins on the ground all the time, and every now and then he will find a dollar bill, and sometimes even a five spot. You can bet your sweet ass we ain't lookin' for the owners of those lost bills. Those greenbacks go straight into the family funds. Finders Keepers! And my 16 year old son recently applied for a job. On the application they asked if he saw a $20 bill laying on the floor whether or not he would turn it in. He answered no. At first I was horrified, but then he explained that he thought every other applicant would answer "yes" because that is what the company wanted to hear. He said he answered honestly. Hey, the kid got a job interview at the joint so they must have liked his honesty. Atta boy!!! Momma taught you right. Pick up that Andrew Jackson and put it in your pocket son. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers Baby!!!!!

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  1. Possesion is 9/10ths of the law

  2. trash is public domain, at least that's what the police say when they search the trash and then charge some fool who throws away part of a crime scene, and they don't need a warrant. If it's good enough for the po-po, it should be good enough for the lottery ticket grabber lady. Fair is fair right?!?

  3. that story is kind of an interesting one actually.

  4. See..that's the thing - so many people in charge have no common sense. That woman threw it away! It's not hers anymore. Geesh.
    Oh and about the interview? Actually, I think companies wanted to hear "no I wouldn't turn it in" because that is an honest answer. All the ones that said "yes" thinking it was the right think to say were just lying and the interviewer knew it. Job interview questions are structured like that for that very they know who IS actually answering truthfully. Love your blog and style of writing!

  5. Frak that!! Finders keepers, like you said. That's messed up. lols

  6. "How about that hot babe in college that some fool set free and became your main squeeze?" -Couldn't agree more with this one!

    I think back to when I was a kid. I was always looking for money on the ground.

    A couple months back, I found a ten dollar bill on the ground and immediately posted it on Facebook. Finders keepers, indeed!

  7. YEah that's crap, the ticket was in the TRASH aka NOT WANTED ridiculous!

  8. I guess the saying that "One man's trash is another man's treasure" holds true. What a conundrum!

  9. Wow, your 16-year-old son is surprisingly wise and savvy! Good for him for using his brain that way. He's bound to have a bright future. Somebody's done a good job of parenting! :D

    As for the lottery ticket, actually I think BOTH women should get to keep the money, and the manufacturer of that damn broken machine that gave incorrect results should have to pay!

  10. Ha ha ha.. so better be careful or end up looser weeper.. hehehe I admire your son for being honest. I wouldn't say 'yes'. I might say 'no' even if my heart says ill keep the dollar because I'd be afraid I won't get the job... brave guy he is!!


  11. LOL. Some great examples. But agreed, def dont want the STDs. Curious, your son had the interview, did he end up getting the job? Thanks for linking up!

    1. Yes, he was offered the job!!! But he chose to accept the job offer at Chick-fil-A instead. Eat Mor Chikin!!! Go figure!!!

  12. So if the woman had thrown it away and someone else cashed it in, how in the world did they then determine who the original woman was who bought it? I agree, if she threw it away, that's her loss! Sux, but it's her loss. If I had scored the win under those circumstances, I probably would have split it with her or something though. Cracked up when I got to the Mastercard comment. As for the interview question, if I found the $20, I would (OMG! Just had the crap scared out of me - saw something flying at me, looked up, and there's a baby squirrel attached to my window screen LOL) have REPORTED finding it but hang onto it - if someone doesn't specifically claim it, I'm KEEPING it, not passing it off to management!

  13. I agree.... once its thrown away it no longer is the original owners property. ah, People. What is frustrating is that our legal system so often rewards this kind of thinking. ..

    Enjoyed reading your take on it - which is very honest, so I am sure your son has seen your honesty in action. You said it like many of us think it!

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