Monday, April 9, 2012

Still On Island Time

Hey folks, I wanted to thank all of you dedicated blogging friends for commenting on my prefabbed posts last week while I was on VACAY!!! You guys ROCK, and I truly felt like part of a community. You kept my blog alive, even though you probably thought I was MIA. A HUGE thanks to Pickleope for being my guest blogger on Monday. That "Am I Ugly" post was a hit!!!! And how about The Blue Orchid , Wily Guy, Vanessa, and Monkey Butt for actually playing along with my twisted game of "Would You Rather" on Wacky Wednesday? They all had such witty responses to all 10 crazy questions. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! So my goal this week is to play catch-up with all of you and find out what you have been doing. I will be back in full comment mode fo' sho!!!!

Vacation on Grand Cayman was AWESOME!!!! The picture above was the view from our balcony. Pretty sweet huh? As amazing as the island was, you know how I like to keep it real for ya though. After spending $5 for a gallon of milk, $8 for a gallon of gas, and $300 most nights for standard dinner fare, Uncle Jeffy's wallet needed a break back in the good ol' USA. That $3.86 at the gas pump here in North Cackalacky didn't seem so bad after all!!!!!

So folks, after I put down my frozen, fruity, alcoholic concoction, wash the sand off my feet, and get off island time, I will be right back with ya. Thanks so much again for indulging me with your comments. I promise to pay it forward.


  1. Looks awesome. I want to get away, but my uncle O was in my pocket this year, so I gotta pay the man instead of "boosting the economy" :(


  2. That is quite the view. I could use that view right about now. Mine is much less...tropical. Glad you enjoyed your get away. We kept the house nice and clean while you were gone, you won't even know we were there!

  3. Between the blue water, boat drink and your toes I took a sixty-second mental vacation. Much better now, thanks. Glad you had some fun in the sun.


  4. Definitely jealous of your vacation time.

    Good to have you back.

  5. I have to boost the economy too, so looks like my vacay time is a while away! Looks like an amazing place to go. That is a place I would like to visit, for sure!

  6. Awe welcome back. Dayum those prices! the view might be worth starving tho ;)

  7. So glad that you had an awesome vacation!! Girl, I'm so jealous of your tan!!! Ok, and your drink too...Alright, Fine!! and I'm jealous that you were on a beautiful beach!!

    Welcome back :)