Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Madness Gone Nuts!!!!

MMMMMMMMMM  MMMMMMMMMM GOOD!!!!!! There is nuthin' better than a good cheesy pizza. Hell, just ask the folks at Urology Associates of Cape Cod (UACC). They are offering a free pizza for every vasectomy scheduled during one of their three clinics during March Madness. Their promotion is "go under the knife, get a slice" and they give dudes a coupon for a free pizza at a local pizza place if they schedule a vasectomy. The idea is that after the surgical procedure, the guys need to recuperate on the couch, and what better way than to watch the tournament and eat some pizza. Apparently the gimmick is working. UACC normally does about 5 consultations per week, but since they started running this promotion, they have done about 100. Now that is truly March Madness gone nuts!!! Getting your nuts sliced and diced for the promise of a free pizza. Whew, guess some guys will do just about anything for an excuse to lay around and watch basketball.

Now, I've conducted my own unofficial poll with some of my guy friends about whether they think a free pizza would be a good enough incentive for them to sign up for the ol' snip, snip procedure. All of them (including some who have actually had the surgery) said HELL NO!!!!!! My husband, who is the world's worst critic, said he would never go to a urologist who has to resort to giving away free pizza to get patients. Guess he thinks that is just plain cheesy!!!!!!

The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey babe, check out this cool promotion. A free pizza if you sign up to get your nuts snipped.

Uncle Jeffy(UJ): That has to be the damn stOOpidist, most lame brained, marketing idea I've ever heard of.

Me: No Really. I think you should consider something similar for your plastic surgery practice. How about a free quart of Ben and Jerry's after liposuction while watching a Real Housewives marathon?

UJ: Uh no, I don't think I can promote unhealthy eating after I just performed a cosmetic procedure.

Me: How about a free magazine subscription of your choice after getting your eyelids done?

UJ: Deb, the patient's eyes are so swollen, they can barely see to read.

Me: What about a free ab roller after a tummy tuck?

UJ: After one of my tummy tucks you won't need an ab roller.

Me: Well damn boy, aren't you the hot shot????? OK then, go for broke and give a free bottle of wine for every new rack.

UJ: No alcohol while taking pain medication.

Me: You're no fun.

UJ: Yea well, I don't need any Whitney Houstons on my watch.

Me: Nobody likes a smart ass.

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  1. You know, I love pizza as much as the next girl, but I wouldn't cut off my nipples just to get a coupon for one.

    Love the convo between you and hubby. It's priceless.

  2. lolz. Thing about it is, if you offer something fo free people flock to it.. We all know that. Tell UJ to advertise, eat,drink and exercise responsibly ;) IT might work! :)) Then again with all the talk of making abortions illegal and dropping all the birth control it might be a good idea ;) tee hee

  3. I guess if you were going to have it done anyways, getting a free pizza out of it might not be a bad bonus but to schedule particularly because of free pizza? That seems like a stretch but I've been surprised before...

  4. MAybe if they threw in a free movie too... :) lol YEAH RIGHT! my hubs would never go for that!

  5. I did know that March Mdness is the preferred time of the year to get the Vasectomy done. That didn't keep my legs from crossing though...


  6. I agree with your hubby! Any doctor that need to give out a free pizza for patients, isn't worth the pizza! hahaha But pizza is yummy! My favorite food :) Yum.

  7. Lol at him thinking it was "cheesy."

    I can't even think far enough ahead in my life to think about getting snipped, but I'd imagine that I would do it for a lifetime supply of pizza.

  8. I would never go to a doctor that had to give free pizza away to garner business. Was it the stuffed bread? That makes a bit of a difference.