Monday, March 26, 2012

The Few, The Proud, The Pinners

Yes, it's true!!!! I received and accepted the coveted invitation to join Pinterest. I'm now among the few, the proud, the pinners!!!! However, since I move to the beat of a different drummer, and have definitely NEVAH been a pack follower, I thought I would bring some originality to this whole pinning gig. Instead of pinning recipes, cute fashion ideas, or exotic places to my pin boards, I decided to bring a bit of my warped and wacky sense of humor to this social media site.

There's my favorite pin from the board I call "LOL". To me, that is seriously laugh out loud funny!!! I mean look at that goober. Can't you just see that nerd actually shitting his pants in class when he tries to sneak out a fart?

Here's a pin on my board called "My Style". I absolutely LOVED Miss Burger Queen's practical cup holder right between her giant bazookas. That takes serious talent. Plus, her straw is turned the right way for her rockin' hot Burger "King" to take a sip should he so desire. MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM GOOD BABY!!!!!!! Gotta wash those whoppers down with somethin' good and cold ya know.

Here's another pin for my board "My Style". Although I don't really like her sundress so much, that purse is incredibly stylish. And damn, any chick brave enough to show her belly button gets fashion points in my book!!!! This gal gives a whole new meaning to the word "outie" (vs. "innie").

This chick made it into "My Style" for her clever use of color. Look how nicely the colors of her shirt match the bright orange of her car. That is some wonderful use of accessorizing!!! Plus, this cutie ain't lettin' her disability get her down. No neck, no problem!!!! She's toolin' around town like nobody's business.

Now in my brief navigation of Pinterest, one thing I found sorely missing was pins of rednecks. So, I thought I better shake things up at that joint and start keepin' it real for those folks. So, I created a board called "Rednecks Rule". This guy takin' a crap, talkin' on his cell phone was my first pin. I called him Redneck dump and dial. Ya gotta love it!!!!!

And last but not least in the "Redneck Rules" board is the Redneck wheel barrow. Ya gotta give that chick points for trying, in a thong no less. I would hire her to move some heavy shit around my house any day!!

There ya have it folks. Let's take dibs on how long it will take until I receive hate mail from the powers at be at Pinterest saying my pins "are inappropriate" or "not suited for the purpose intended".

Images via: Here and Google images


  1. "Oh the humanity!" Hebert Morrison upon witnessing the Hindenburg disaster. Although I'm pretty much certain those blimps will never fly, they do tend to end their "flights" badly.

  2. Oh Geez, I was not prepared for this at all... you should put a warning label for "solid hilarity" on this post! I am running to Pinterest immediately to follow you. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  3. My eyes my eyes!! lol Well, Burger Queen gives a new spin on "body shots" . . .

  4. LMAO These pictures had me rolling! That's not good b/c I'm at work...hahaha I made a post about being accpeted to Pintrest as well. It seems very selective. We should be proud ;) hahaha

  5. Oh wow those really are awful, but they made me LOL as well. Im on pinterest, when I remember. Which is like ,NEVAH! Unless of course the email tells me too, lolz .. Oh well and thankies for the kind words on Mama Monkey Butt, much appreciated!

  6. Sigh, I wonder when I will get my invite to Pinterest, so that I can be a part of another social community in which I barely ever contribute.

    Although I must say that I will most likely frequent your "Redneck Rules" page quite often.

  7. If anyone needs an invite... I've got some ( I didn't realize they were a hot commodity)


  8. This is obviously what Pinterest was created for, right? That and variations of the "Keep Calm" posters. Maybe that last lady was training for the Iditarod and doesn't really know she doesn't qualify.
    And for future reference, rednecks are well represented on the internet. They don't need to flood Pinterest as well. But you're doing the redneck lord's work (That's Toby Keith in case you were wondering.).

  9. Oh, I'm...I'm...

    Why, dear God in heaven, I'm actually speechless!

    What have you done to me??!! :-o

  10. Shoot, I got my Pinterst invite and was immediately scared off by the email telling me to help them set the right tone for site. I might have to try this out again.

    I must remember to not read your posts while I'm at work. They tend to frown upon random laughter...