Saturday, March 10, 2012

Channeling My Creativity

HOT DAMN, someone out there in the blogosphere actually thinks I'm creative. WHO KNEW?????? I just fancy myself as some redneck pounding the keyboard and trying to spread joy to those of you brave enough to read my warped and wacky sense of humor. But hey, my faithful reader and creative blogger in her own right, Whats On Your Mind Monkey Butt, thought I was worthy of this award, so I am humbled and SO VERY THANKFUL!!!!! Her blog is full of amazing photos on Fridays and awesome music on Tuesdays, so just to be named a winner amongst company such as that is a HUGE honor!!!!

Now the rules of this prestigious award are that I must tell you 10 random things about myself, and then tag 6 creative bloggers who are also deserving of this honor. Please don't judge, but here are the 10 random, slightly off the wall, crazy things you may or may not care to know about me:

1.    I have an unnatural, completely unrealistic fear of fish, stemming from an incident 25 years ago when I actually saw a fish jump out of a lake and bite my brother in law on his nipple. He screamed like a girl, his nipple was bleeding, and there were REAL teeth marks rimming his nipple. It seriously scarred me for life!!!! I rarely, if ever, get in the ocean as a result.

2.    With the exception of breakfast, I need to have something sweet (preferably chocolate) after every meal.

3.     I meditate daily.

4.     I'm a college football fanatic!!!!!!!!  If you dare trash talk my beloved West Virginia Mountaineers I will open up a can of whoop ass on ya!!!!!!

5.     I cuss like a sailor. Oh, I think you already knew that huh??????????

6.     Pompous assholes, and people who think their shit don't stink, get on my very last nerve and bother me to no end. I seriously want to bash their head against the wall, knock some sense into their overinflated egos, and scream at them to JUST GET REAL for Christ's sake!!! WHEW, sorry for that rage but I feel much better now.

7.     The mountains are my preferred vacation destination.

8.     Snow makes me unbelievably horny. I'm talkin' gotta have you now, RIGHT NOW kinda sex as soon as I see a snowflake!!!!!! Unfortunately, I live in a climate where we get snow about once every 3 years. MAJOR KILLJOY!!!!!!

9.     My all time favorite bottle of wine is Swanson Alexis.

10.    And in the words of my soul sister Cari at Mayhem and Madness I would SO fuck the werewolf over the vampire. Like she so eloquently said, "Why would you want pale and sparkly when you could have big and beefy"? AMEN SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's What I'm Talkin' About!!!!!!!
Now I must tag 6 deserving creative bloggers who you need to check out:
1.    It's My Mind  by Wily Guy is incredibly well written and I just GET him ya know!!!!

2.    Crack You Whip by Tracie has amazing illustrations and she can find humor in any situation.

3.    Random Girl Blog  and her soft-core Fridays is the bomb!!!

4.    Pickleope is absolutely hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud!!!

5.    Raviolis & Waterworks by Jax is one of my newest and favorite finds. This girl's got it goin on!!

6.    Alfred Lives Here cracks me up and it's always interesting to read a Canadian perspective.

So there you have it folks. I'm gonna savor my award and make Uncle Jeffy take me out for a mighty fancy dinner to celebrate. Maybe he will even spring for a bottle of Swanson Alexis. Hey, a girl can dream right!!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the award!!! Your place is quickly becoming one of my favorite stops. You are hysterical!

    But what is it about snow that makes you want to get it on? hahahaha

    1. I can't describe what it is about snow that just makes me want to seriously bang it out, but if we ever see a flake here in North Cackalacky, my hubby knows he's in serious trouble!!!!!

  2. That guy... Looks like me but with way more muscle lol

  3. Who wouldn't take teh werewolf? Vampires are cold

  4. You miss my wet open mouth kisses from your award... It's ok...

    But thanks for the props! I can't wait to turn it around...


  5. Oh yeah!!! I love awards! Not such a fan of the rules that come with them, but I generally don't like rules of any sort. I'll suck it up and play along I guess. Thanks for being awesome!

  6. Congratulations, and a deep thank you.
    I would fear fish too if one bit the nipple of a relative. Can you eat fish? Does sushi give you the willies?
    Also, it's too bad snow is cold and cold is not conducive to male...size.
    Thank you again.

    1. I've got no problem eating fish, it's just swimming with them in their natural habitat that has me sweating bullets.

  7. lolz at #1, I'm so glad you accepted the award and I can agree completely on #6 :))

  8. Congrats to you! You deserve that and a million more, you totally rock the blogosphere!

    Thank you for passing it along to me! I'll try to figure a creative post...I have a few others to pass along, as well.