Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bon Jovi's 50th Birthday Bash

WHOA, I'm still in recovery mode from last night's ROCKIN' birthday party!!!!!!! Jon Bon Jovi turned 50 and it was the party of the half century fo sho'!!!!!!!! I still can't believe I scored a ticket to the event but some things are just made to happen. Members of some of the coolest 80's hair bands were there. Van Halen, Motley Crue, Poison, Guns & Roses and Def Leppard were all represented. Lemme tell ya, for all of his close brushes with death lately, Bret Michaels looks pretty damn good. He still looks like a walking STD, but some things never change. And Axl Rose is just a hot mess!!!!!

But hands down, Jon Bon Jovi is the damn hottest looking 50 year old man to EVAH grace the planet. You can see me there reaching in for a kiss as he and his band arrived. One thing I'm not is shy. I was goin' in for the kill baby and it was PURE delight!!!!!!!! I may NEVAH wash my lips again!!!!! His love may be "Bad Medicine" but I would lay down on his "Bed Of Roses" any day and take him "Dead Or Alive".

Pretty cool birthday cake huh? Yeppers, when Jon himself cut that cake and handed me a slice I couldn't help but think that he was just "Born To Be My Baby"!!!! We chatted for a bit and hit it off quite nicely, and my heart was beating out of my chest when he leaned over and whispered ever so sweetly in my ear, "I'll Be There For You". I seriously thought I was going to pass out right there on the spot. But I collected myself and tried to act all cool because the party was wrappin' up.

Hey, he didn't have to tell me twice to "Lay Your Hands On Me". So I sure as hell did as you can see, and told him to "Have A Nice Day"!!!!!!


  1. Nice use of titles, though that may be illegal use of the hands...

    I was out last night with friends, one of whom is a huge fan (she's not really huge) and she didnt mention the event at all. I now have something to bust her chops about, lol.


  2. Looks like he was all over you! That's what you get for being so dang hot haha!

    1. HaHa only in my dreams girl, only in my dreams. But, they sure are sweet, steamy dreams!!!!!

  3. thats why there was so muc bon jovi on the radio this weekend

  4. He definitely is one of the hottest looking 50 year old man EVER! Every time I see him on tv I just drool all over the place... yeah, disgusting, I know!

  5. Oh, and check on my blog girl! There's something for you!

  6. Girl, you crack me up!! I'm 23 and I would still "lay my hands" on Jon BonJovi. Dead or Alive is one of my favorite songs. :)