Monday, March 12, 2012

Bestiality Ballbusters

When I was growing up in rural Pennsylvania every now and then you would hear news reports of some weirdo having sex with a sheep. I know it may sound disgusting and downright disturbing to some of you reading this, but as strange as this may sound, after a few of those reports you sort of got desensitized to it. Not that it ever became commonplace, but it was just sort of like, "Wow, wonder if I know the guy"? I mean damn, some of my classmates lived so far out in the country on farms they had over an hour ride on the school bus just to get to school each day. Think how lonely they must have been out there just milkin' those cows. Gotta do somethin' to get your rocks off ya know!!!

It seemed like when the BIG state farm show in Harrisburg rolled around every year, there was always a report of some sort of bestiality. I suppose those farmers got downright pumped up at the site of their purdy little beauties they were paradin' out in front of the state capital. The sheep, cows, pigs and horses were lookin' their VERY best lemme tell ya!!!! And those blue ribbon winners were probably just ripe for the pickins!!!!!! I imagine the site of all those animals primed and ready for their beauty pageant caused some perverts to get a big old boner and the sheep just didn't stand a chance with their gorgeous soft wool. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

But the other day I saw on the news a report of a 19 year old dude in Georgia caught on video having sex with female pit bulls. DAMN, now that is hard core!!!! I mean seriously, it's one thing to bang it out with a docile animal like a sheep, but to shag an animal known for its aggressiveness is quite another. That guy could have literally had his nuts ripped off. But yea, Bernard Archer was caught on video inside the dogs' kennel, on his knees, porking the pit bulls.

Now tell me, how damn desperate must you be to resort to fucking a dog??????? Excuse me, a DANGEROUS dog. Wouldn't it just be easier and safer to spend a few bucks on a Hustler magazine and slap your salami while drooling over the hot babes????  And if Mr. Archer really wanted a dog, he could just go down to any sleazy bar about closin' time and have his pick of the litter. The only danger he would have to worry about there is his dick rotting off from a bad STD. Nuthin' a little ol' shot of penicillin can't cure. But hey, that's better than having his pecker chewed off by a pit bull.

He just looks guilty doesn't he? There's somethin' about those eyes. The worst part of the whole deal is that Mr. Archer is now sitting in the slammer charged with two counts of bestiality. Imagine how Bubba and the boys are treating him. You just know the poor dude is takin' it up the Hershey Highway doggie style. I wonder if he's lettin' out a big ol' WHOOF WHOOF???????

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  1. Driving to Cleveland I got stuck in Bloomsberg, PA. That was kind of scary...hahaha Im from NY so I wasn't used to all that empty space.

    But doing a sheep? Sigh...

  2. It's nice to see that you cover it all here at this blog.

    I'm, literally, shocked into silence at this man doing what he did. It's so gross. And what about the poor dog!? She didn't ask for this idiot to come humping along and bothering her.

    Humanity. *sigh*

  3. we too get the sheep jokes being from montana. although i've never actually heard of it happening...

  4. What a creep. Like, make sure the cameras are off, buddy. There's the poor dog's privacy at stake here.

  5. Hahaha! I only laugh at your humour. I cry at your humour, too, but at least one of the tears is for the helpless animals. I can't stand to hear of any abuse of any kind! At least you made me laugh, thank you.

  6. I wrote a blog on this topic back in October. It's amazing how many arrests are made for beastiality!