Monday, February 6, 2012

The Super Aftermath

I think I speak for the majority when I declare that the Monday after Super Bowl should be a National holiday. Someone should really start a petition and get the ball rolling on that. Better yet, the powers at be should wise up and air the Super Bowl on a Saturday, instead of a Sunday, so Americans could have a day to recover before the work week starts.

Personally, I didn't have a dog in yesterday's fight. I'm a college football fanatic and don't have an allegiance to any pro football team. So for me, the Super Bowl means PAR-TAY city, cooking football food, drinking way too much alcohol and socializing with friends. Unfortunately, I did all of those things to excess yesterday. I may have seen one pass the entire game. However, I did get lucky and see the ref give the safety signal, because that is my favorite signal in the entire game of football. Ya gotta love to see the ref clap his hands together over his head!!! BOING- SAFETY BABY- 2 POINTS!!!!!!

The commercials were pretty cool. Betty White just ROCKS!!!!! My favorite was David Beckam, clad only in a tight pair of white underwear. I think he was trying to promote his new clothing line for H&M, but all I saw was one DAMN, ROCKIN', HOT, SEXY, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! That image will be plastered in my brain for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, another image from last night is also plastered in my brain, and that is of Cee Lo Green wearing a robe. That dude should NEVAH, EVAH wear a robe again because it just made him look twice as short and ten times as fat. All you could see was his giant cherubic face and three chins hanging over the collar of the robe. Damn, I wish I could "Forget You" on that fashion sense Cee Lo!!!!!  Now I also convinced myself that Madonna was going to somehow top Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. Although I thought Madonna's performance was very entertaining, I must admit, that I was a bit disappointed. I really thought she was going to do something absolutely crazy to make herself relevant again. Shooting the moon, a beaver shot, or at least some good ol' fashioned flashing of the ta-ta's. But nuthin', absolutely nuthin'!!!!

Other than that, I'm certain I now either need the master cleanse, or need to go to a food detox center. My belly looks like I'm about 4 months pregnant after the super indulgence. I seriously cooked more for the Super Bowl than I did for Christmas dinner. Check out this array of food for my party yesterday- chicken chili with all the fixins', pigs in a blanket, corn salsa, homemade guacamole. People brought giant subs, quesadillas, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate covered pretzels. Of course there are tons of leftovers so we invited everyone back to our house tonight for dinner. Even though there is no more football, we can hoot and howl over The Bachelor.

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  1. My favorite commercial was Jack in the Box. I don't necessarily like their food, but OMG, YOU CAN MARRY BACON!?!?

  2. It was an off year for the experience for me. Game was boring at times, I fell asleep during Madonna's show. Commercials were so-so. I DVR'd the game so I might get to watch anything people talked about.