Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!!!

Welcome to another edition of Wacky Wednesday!!!! Ya gotta love a girl wearin' her some cowboy boots. Especially when she's wearin' nothin' else!!! Such is the case with 18 year old Taylor Burnham, after police were called to an alley behind a subdivision in Corpus Christie, TX, at 3:30am and found the cowgirl, buck ass naked, except for her prized cowboy boots, standing near her Jeep Wrangler.

She then hopped in her Jeep and led the law dogs on a low speed police chase before she was arrested on drunk driving charges and evading arrest. I say the po-po gave poor Taylor a raw deal. I mean she's obviously a workin' girl who didn't have time to change out of her work uniform. Can't the police see that she literally got off her shift from a hard night dancin' on the pole???? I mean come on folks, alcohol is definitely a job requirement in that business fo' sho!!!! Those Texas cowboys must love them a stripper who will dance in their boots. WHOO HOO!!!!! Poor girl is just tryin' to pay the rent.

When that cowgirl got behind the wheel of that Jeep I'm sure she felt right at home with the feel of that leather on her bare ass. This time instead of riding one lonesome horse bare back, she wanted the feel of 200 horse power between her legs. Wonder if she rode reverse cow girl???????? Now that would take some serious talent, especially if her Jeep was a stick shift. And yes, I realize she shouldn't be drinking and driving, but since she was spotted in a residential neighborhood, I'm sure she was just trying to rope her an urban cowboy. Gotta give the girl credit for tryin'.

There's only one thing I'm confused about. I always heard about Texas girls that, "the bigger the hair, the more they will bare". Ms. Burnham needs a new hair stylist ASAP to tease and lift up her wig in order to make her fellow Texas sistas proud.

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  1. lolz, wut? don't be hating, that cop lost her wig when he yanked her outta that jeep. bwhahaa.. big red wig!

  2. She can't be naked if she has her boats on!

    Great post! The thought of her driving her jeep reverse cowgirl had me laughing like a maniac!