Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Naked Truth

What would Wacky Wednesday be like without a crack head applying for a job buck ass naked? I mean it doesn't get much wackier than that folks. Although, I do understand that with the tight job market these days, you do have to find creative ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. I imagine most people don't apply for jobs in their birthday suits though unless they are prostitutes, or they are applying for a job as an exotic dancer. Both of those professions would definitely require strippin' on down for the interview and showin' the boss man what ya got to offer fo sho'.

  But Jose Ayala wasn't applying for either of those jobs. Rather, he went to a welding shop stark naked, apparently high on methamphetamine, and said he was looking for work and was good with his hands. Ya know the naked cowboy is one thang, 'cause he's just mighty fine eye candy for the tourists in The Big Apple, but the naked welder might have some serious issues. I'm thinkin' one slip of the ol' blow torch and Jose's joystick is shootin' to the moon like a bottle rocket. SHAAAAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And just imagine some of those hot flaming tools welders use to fuse two pieces of metal together. WOO WEE, if Mr. Ayala got too close to one of those suckers his family jewels might have been united together forever, which would cause much more pain than a mere hot glue gun. Wonder if that could be a new birth control method? Come to the welding shop guys and get your nuts fused together. I'm sure dudes would be lining up around the block for that one!!!!

But alas, Jose may not have showed up for his job interview in an expensive three piece suit, but now he's wearing the ever popular striped uniform courtesy of the Sacramento County Jail. Plus he gets fringe benefits with this job- three square meals a day, medical and dental, and an hour in the exercise yard. And that's the naked truth!!!!

Video: Here


  1. haha very messed up! Yes, he does have a good job, now!

  2. :38 is my absolute favorite. The quickest clip ever of the guy saying "he-was-naked."